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Sorry for the delay in getting this posted. In fact some of you (Fake Virginia) already noticed that I had posted my TV report on the Farm Team debate to my YouTube channel. I get the sense that many people were interested in what took place in Williamsburg, but few were able to see what went on so I feel obligated to provide some impartial insight.

You may recall, that I posted a few questions that  I was hoping to have answered prior to the debate. Some were and some weren’t. That is not a surprise considering that this was the first of many forums and I got the sense that all three were a bit more cautious then they may be as we get closer to voting day. Here is my take based on the questions I asked prior to the event-

*Will Brian Moran act like the frontrunner as most polls have shown him to be? Will he resist the temptation to attack Terry McAuliffe on his loose ties to Virginia politics and his connections to big money outside of the commonwealth?

YES and YESI really did get the sense that Brian Moran worked very hard to display himself as the guy leading this race. At one point while deflecting attacks from Creigh Deeds and Terry McAuliffe he even said “I guess we know who is leading in the polls.” He did not look to attack, but attempted to point out his accomplishments. He also shied away from opportunities to nail McAuliffe, instead choosing to be gracious even complementing his fundraising prowess. This while his staff sent members of the press “fact checking” emails on points raised by McAuliffe all throughout the debate.

*Will Terry McAuliffe stick to his pledge to not attack fellow Democrats and instead make Bob McDonnell the target? Will he raise the issues discussed this week by the Washington Post, connecting Brian Moran’s campaign donations to his brother Jim’s earmarks?

YES and NO- McAuliffe stayed true to his pledge to not attack Democrats and did train all of his energy on Bob McDonnell. But that did not prevent the Washington Post story from being raised, (Once by Andrea Mitchell and once by Creigh Deeds) although Moran handled it pretty well. McAuliffe was fiery and worked hard to steal the show, but he never directly attacked his opponents or their positions. A difficult line to walk when attempting to draw distinctions for voters.

*Will anyone attack Creigh Deeds?….Will they continue to treat him as a gentle statesman, who doesn’t really have a chance? Or will one of them attempt to knock him down a few pegs, with the hope of curbing his building momentum?

NO- In fact I would say an emphatic NO. Even though the gentleman Senator went on the attack himself a few times, both Moran and McAuliffe went out of their way to avoid laying a glove on Deeds. In fact on multiple occasions McAuliffe found ways to compliment him. Moran did provide a few subtle jabs, but nothing that could be consider a true punch. This is not necessarily good news for Deeds it shows that his two opponents still don’t view him as a threat. (Which may be a mistake)

My report filed for NBC12 can be seen after the jump..


Written by Ryan Nobles

April 21, 2009 at 4:30 am

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  1. Not a mistake ignoring Deeds at all. Who is going to vote for him? He’s running the type of campaign your grandmother would love, hoarding all his money for last minute TV commercials that no one will watch. No wonder he lost in 2005, he’s invisible.


    April 21, 2009 at 11:58 am

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