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Blogger debate tonight in Blacksburg

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It has the potential to be the most interesting debate of democratic primary. Tonight on the campus of Virginia Tech, some of my favorite Virginia bloggers will be firing questions at the candidates for the party’s nomination.

While some of these bloggers have leanings in favor of one candidate or another, by in large their allegiances are to their readers. Unlike some of us in the MSM, they probably aren’t as interested in decorum and won’t be afraid to lob tough questions and force these candidates on the record.

Many of these bloggers have already used their online forums, which are all heavily read, to ask questions about sensitive issues, like energy, gay marriage, job creation and the backgrounds and associations of the candidates. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the moderators force the candidates to answer the questions and not dance around some of the topics.

The Huffington Post, one of the debate sponsors, will stream the debate live. Its not too late to contribute to the event. Check out their twitter page and the YouTube channel. Tonight here on Decision Virgina we will take a look back at the best moments from what promises to be an interesting evening.


Written by Ryan Nobles

April 29, 2009 at 6:03 pm

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