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Carville or Holland and Dean?

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Brian Moran and Terry McAuliffe both rolled out endorsements this morning that perhaps more than anything demonstrate the types of campaigns they are running. Moran, for the past several months, has been serving up a steady diet of local Democratic officials, who for the most part, are only known in their communities. McAuliffe has been using high profile national party rock stars (Bill Clinton) to demonstrate that he is the candidate most prepared to keep the Governor’s mansion in Democratic hands. 

Today was perhaps the best example of this phenomenon. 

Brian Moran released a statement announcing the support of two relatively prominent Richmond area officials. Richmond City Clerk of the Court Bevill Dean and Chesterfield Supervisor Jim Holland. The release points out that Dean is a city-wide elected official and Holland is the only Democrat on the Chesterfield Board of Supervisors. Not big names by any stretch of the imagination, but endorsements that demonstrate Moran’s connections with local leaders and perhaps relationships that will lead to solid cooperation when he is Governor. Nice- but not really exciting.

On the other side, Terry McAuliffe today sent out a fund raising e-mail from none other than the Ragin’ Cajun himself James Carville. Carville is a political superstar, with mass market appeal from his time as a television analyst on CNN. In addition to his close connections to the Clinton family (which no doubt played an important role in his support of the Macker), he is certainly well known, even by people outside of the polticial arena. 

But Carville has little to no connection to Virginia politics. While he has spent quite a bit of time in D.C. and by extension Norther Virginia, he has never been a serious player here. In fact one might make the case that Carville’s connections to Virginia politics are similar to Terry McAuliffe’s connections to Virginia politics. They may have been “around” it by the nature of their living situation, but few would argue that they were really “involved” with the process. 

Depending on the voter, these two announcements could have very different results. If you are a local Virginian, tied into your local officials and a long time supporter of local Democrats (which many primary voters are) then the Moran announcement meant a lot more to you. If you are big on high profile movers and shakers, who have had success on the national stage and you want to see that success brought here, McAuliffe is your guy. 

Either way, you have two distinct choices. And that doesn’t even include Creigh Deeds

After the jump, find the Moran endorsement release and the McAuliffe fundraising e-mail featuring these aforementioned supporters.. 

More Richmond Area Leaders Continue to Back Moran Campaign

~Opening Richmond Office on Monday~

RICHMOND –Richmond City Clerk of the Court Bevill Dean and Chesterfield Supervisor Jim Holland announced their support of Brian Moran for Governor today. Dean is a city-wide elected official in Richmond, and Holland is the only Democrat on the Chesterfield Board of Supervisors. These local leaders join Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones, Commonwealth’s Attorney Mike Herring, Henrico School Board Member Lamont Bagby and others in their support for Moran. Dean and Holland cited Moran’s proven record of fighting for people as critical in these difficult economic times. Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones will host the opening of Moran’s Richmond office on Monday.

“For twenty years Brian Moran has been fighting hard for Virginia’s working families,” Dean said. “He’s worked to raise the minimum wage, raise teacher salaries and make communities safer by improving our court system. In these tough times, we need a leader that fights for people, and Brian Moran is the right person to move Virginia forward.”

Moran was an Arlington County prosecutor before serving for 13 years in the General Assembly, seven of those as House Democratic Caucus Chair. He has a long record of working to strengthen public education for our children, clean up the environment and expand access to health care for every child.

“Brian has spent his adult life fighting for the people of Virginia, and we know he will continue to as Governor,” Holland said. “He has been working for 20 years to improve public education, strengthen our health care system and grow our economy. We need a leader who understands the demands at the local level and how to get work done in Richmond. In these tough times, Virginians can trust that Brian Moran will fight for them.”

Moran’s Richmond office’s grand opening will be Monday, May 4 at 6 p.m. The office is located at 24 A North 8th


(Transcript of McAuliffe fundraising e-mail)

The hypocrisy

Dear (voter),

Bob McDonnell just gave us a great example of the difference between Democrats and Republicans in Virginia.

When it came time to help Virginians who lost their jobs, Bob McDonnell said “No, nope, not gonna happen.” His Republican buddies turned down $125 million in federal funds that would go right to families that need it the most — and Bob cheered them on.

But when he could personally benefit, Bob said “Yep, more please” to federal funds — taking campaign contributions from the banks that were bailed out with taxpayer money.

It really chaps my hide to witness the hypocrisy, shamelessness and unmitigated gall of sanctimonious Republicans who use one hand to wag their fingers at everybody else while the other hand is shoved in the cookie jar.

We have to beat this guy in November. Terry McAuliffe is the best candidate we’ve got, but he needs our help now to win the nomination. It’s crunch time.

Primary Day is just 41 days away, and the critical April 30 fundraising deadline is tomorrow.

Contribute today to help Terry beat Bob McDonnell in November — as little as $5 can make a big difference.

I’ve known Terry for a long time, so I know he’s going to be a great governor. And the more Virginians get to know him, the more they agree.

He’s focused like a laser on bringing jobs to the Commonwealth. He’s got the business sense to make it happen. And trust me — the guy doesn’t take “no” for an answer when he needs to get things done.

In this campaign, he’s led by example. He publicly pledged not to take donations from any companies receiving federal bailout funds. That move even prompted one of his Democratic opponents to return the money he’d taken from banks receiving taxpayer bailout money.

But most importantly, Terry has always been on the side of the little guy. When Virginia’s families need help, Terry will stand up for them every day.

We’re entering the final stretch of the Democratic primary. The actions we take right now will decide who wins in 41 days and who takes on Bob McDonnell.

So let’s make sure Terry is our nominee and has everything he needs to win. This race is going to come down to just a few votes. That’s why he needs your help right now – this minute.

Contribute now, before the April 30 deadline — as little as $5 can make a big difference.

I’m proud to be supporting my friend Terry, and it’s great knowing that you’re a part of this fight, too. Thanks for joining me.


James Carville


Written by Ryan Nobles

April 29, 2009 at 2:49 pm

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