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Moran looks to capitalize on McAuliffe Washington Post story

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I just finished a phone interview with democratic candidate for Governor Brian Moran about the story that broke this morning on page A1 of the Washington Post by Amy Gardner. I doubt I am the first to share the link with you, but if you haven’t read it please check it out here.

The story takes a critical look at Terry McAuliffe‘s rise a businessman and political power broker. It takes the time to fact check some of claims he has made on the campaign trail. It centers around McAuliffe’s central campaign pledge that he will take his savvy business acumen and apply it to the job of governor to help grow the economy in Virginia.

It is a well written story that gives a fair shake to McAuliffe’s career, but aside from the headline (McAuliffe’s Background Could Prove A Liability) it would really be up to the individual reader to decide if the story overall is “negative”.

The McAuliffe campaign has defended some of the claims in the piece and has pointed reporters to their “facts page” on the campaign web site.  While beating back some of the claims they are also quick to note aspects of the report that show McAuliffe in a positive light.  Campaign press secretary Lis Smith sent me a statement today that said in part “Terry is the only candidate in this race who has decades of experience creating jobs and turning around struggling businesses — which the Washington Post story points out.” (Her full statement is after the jump)

Brian Moran’s campaign however, sees this story as a validation of the picture they have attempted to paint of McAuliffe. For weeks they have described him as a slick salesman, more concerned with his own personal accomplishments then that of average people in the commonwealth of Virginia. They have spent today pushing the story with statements of their own, highlighting what they view as the most damming aspects of the story.

Excerpts from my interview with Brian Moran are after the jump along with the full rebuttal statement from the McAuliffe campaign.

It is worth noting that I did ask candidate Moran about his own Washington Post story, which he has been force to defend for several weeks on the campaign trail. Read the rest of this entry »


Written by Ryan Nobles

May 3, 2009 at 5:43 pm