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Farm Team asks Moran campaign to pull video of debate from web commercial

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Representatives from the political organization “The Farm Team” have asked officials from the Brian Moran campaign to pull a portion of a web ad hammering Terry McAuliffe that is taken from the debate they hosted a few weeks ago in Williamsburg.  In an e-mail obtained by NBC12, the organization’s Susan Platt asks the campaign to remove video from the debate that is used in the commercial because it is in violation of the terms of use agreement that all three campaigns agreed to prior to the event taking place. 

The video is currently under a private setting on YouTube but can be found on the popular lefty NotLarrySabato blog

Ms. Platt confirmed for me this afternoon that they have requested the Moran campaign pull the video, but she said that if they don’t comply, the organization will not pursue any legal action.

I have a request into the Moran campaign as to how they plan to respond to the request. I will update you as soon as I hear something.

**UPDATE** The Moran campaign had attempted to get in touch with me around the time I posted this item, but I did not realize that I didn’t have my phone on me. They have already pulled the ad and are pulling out what they describe as a “very short” clip out of the video. They plan to re-post the edited video with just a quote from the debate as opposed to the actual footage. 

The transcript from the Platt e-mail is after the jump…


Good Afternoon –

It has come to my attention that the Moran for Governor Campaign is showing a commercial on YouTube that clearly is a recording from The Farm Team Debate, April 19, in Williamsburg. As a reminder, below is a copy from the final debate format memo.

From Final Debate Memo Dated April 17, 2009 as agreed to by all candidates:

Debate Recording –
If you are planning on recording this debate FOR YOUR OWN INTERNAL USE, please contact Page Melton at the above email for credentials to be held with the media. As agreed, there will be a ‘NO USE’ clause in this debate that says no campaign may use ANY of the audio or video footage from the debates in television or radio commercials or on-line mediums (such as YouTube, etc).

The Moran campaign is in violation of the above agreement, and in fairness to the other two campaigns, we request you remove that portion of the referenced video.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Susan Platt


Written by Ryan Nobles

May 5, 2009 at 5:47 pm

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