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McAuliffe says he never claimed to have created jobs in Virginia

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mcauliffe-rnFresh off an afternoon of sifting through algae during one of his Virginia “work days”, I caught up with Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe as he headed into a voter forum at Lewis Ginter Recreational Center in Richmond. The  former DNC chair had literally just learned that he had won the endorsement of the Virginia League of Conservation Voters.

You can see extended clips from our interview after the jump, but I wanted to share with you our exchange about the Washington Post story, that Brian Moran campaign has worked hard to use against McAulliffe. The Macker told me that the claim of creating jobs in Virginia was something he never made.

Ryan Nobles- “Your opponents have worked very hard to get this out to everybody.”

Terry McAuliffe– “Well so did we, we sent it to everybody.”

Ryan Nobles– “Right, in fact I got it from you first.”

Terry McAuliffe– “Good”

Ryan Nobles– “I mean do you think that the aspect that they are pushing, that there is any merit to this. I mean they continue to use your words against you on the campaign trail, do you think that has any resonance how would you answer some of those claims?”

Terry McAuliffe– “Listen, I am standing for job creation, I am the one guy who can say I have created thousands of jobs. I have said that from the start.”

Ryan Nobles– “Is it the parsing of the words, that you created them here in Virginia, do you think that matters to voters?”

Terry McAuliffe– “No, because I never said I did, I have created thousands of jobs, people want to know that Terry McAuliffe has created thousands of jobs and when I say good jobs, I mean with good pay and benefits that is what they want to know and that is what I say and I’m proud of it. That is why we have picked up a lot of people who have endorsed who have read it and seen that I am a self made guy and started my first business at 14 and created all these successful companies, great I hope he does that here.”

Video from the interview, including his comments on earning the LCV endorsement and the negative turn in the primary can be found after the jump..


Written by Ryan Nobles

May 6, 2009 at 11:09 pm

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