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Deeds accuses McAuliffe of attack on Democrats

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The Creigh Deeds campaign is accusing Terry McAuliffe of attacking fellow democrats in the former DNC chair’s new ad on payday lending.

In the ad McAuliffe claims that he is the only candidate who is in favor of a full ban of pay day lending. He also attacks the state legislature and indirectly former Governor and current Senator Mark Warner when he says the following in the ad:

“But some loans come at too high [of] a price because legislation that was passed in Richmond in 2002 allowed predatory payday lenders to do business in Virginia,”

In 2002,  Mark Warner was the Governor.

While the tough talk may show that McAuliffe isn’t afraid to “tell it like it is” when it comes to the problems facing Virginia, it puts him into a position where he can be called out on his  “I will not attack Democrats”  pledge.

Creigh Deeds took the opportunity to point that out.

The transcript of the McAuliffe ad and the Deeds release can be found after the jump.

McAuliffe Campaign Releases New Radio Ad Highlighting Plan to Ban Predatory Lenders

Today, gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe released a new ad highlighting the predatory lending problems plaguing families across the Commonwealth and his plan to ban predatory lenders.

“Every day Virginia families struggle to make ends meet and sometimes they need a small loan to get by. But some loans come at too high [of] a price because legislation that was passed in Richmond in 2002 allowed predatory payday lenders to do business in Virginia,” says a female announcer in the ad. “For Terry McAuliffe the solution is simple. He is the only candidate for Governor who proposed doing the right thing – ban all predatory lending in Virginia.”

The radio ad will run on adult urban contemporary, gospel, and religious radio stations in the Norfolk and Richmond media markets. It was produced by Potomac Waves, a minority-owned and operated media consulting firm based in Washington, DC.

The ad can be heard here.

McAuliffe ad hurts Democrats’ efforts to win back the House of Delegates, breaks positive campaign pledge, and gives false information

CHARLOTTESVILLE – Yesterday, Terry McAuliffe released a new radio ad that criticizes Mark Warner, Tim Kaine, and Democratic leaders in the General Assembly on payday lending reform, which is the same negative attack that Jim Gilmore used against Mark Warner in the 2008 U.S. Senate race. Instead of targeting Republicans who have stood in the way of payday lending reform, Terry’s ad actually attacks the entire General Assembly, including the Democratic-controlled Senate and Democratic members of the House of Delegates.
In Terry’s ad, the announcer says: “But some loans come at too high [of] a price because legislation that was passed in Richmond in 2002 allowed predatory payday lenders to do business in Virginia. The legislation even allowed lenders to make loans with annual percentage rates as high as 391 percent. In these tough economic times, the legislature is finally working towards fixing this problem, but why has it taken so long to stop these lenders from preying on Virginia’s most vulnerable families? ”
After the McAuliffe campaign released their new radio ad, Joe Abbey, Campaign Manager for the Deeds for Virginia campaign, released the following statement:
“Terry McAuliffe’s negative attack on Mark Warner, Tim Kaine, and Democratic leaders in the General Assembly does nothing to help us beat Bob McDonnell and hurts our chances of winning back the House of Delegates in November. How can middle class families trust someone who says he won’t run a negative campaign, and then puts up a radio ad that criticizes not only his opponents, but Mark Warner, Tim Kaine, and every Democrat in the General Assembly?”
“The McAuliffe campaign’s claim that Terry is the only candidate who supports a ban on payday lending is an outright lie. Every Democrat in this race has pledged to end payday lending in Virginia, but Creigh Deeds is the only one who stood with Tim Kaine earlier this year to pass meaningful payday lending reform to protect our families.”
“In fact, the same day Terry McAuliffe announced his campaign fundraising for the quarter, Creigh was on the Senate floor fighting to protect Virginia families from payday lenders. It’s sad that Terry’s camp has resorted to deceptive tactics and an outright lie about Creigh to try to win an election. Virginians deserve better.”

[Terry] is the only candidate for Governor who proposed doing the right thing – ban all predatory lending in Virginia.” [McAuliffe Campaign Press Release, 5/7/09]

FACT: Creigh Deeds supports ending all payday and car-title lending in Virginia. [Richmond Times-Dispatch, 4/3/09]

CREIGH DEEDS ON APRIL 8, 2009: Creigh Deeds joined Governor Kaine in supporting a major crackdown on payday lenders in Virginia. [SB 1470, 4/8/09]

TERRY MCAULIFFE ON APRIL 8, 2009: Terry McAuliffe spent that same day announcing his campaign fundraising numbers. His finance report later showed that he received 80% of his overall fundraising dollars from out-of-state, including a $25,000 check from Donald Trump. [McAuliffe Campaign Press Release, 4/8/09]
2002: In the initial legislation, Creigh voted for the original language to regulate payday lending in 2002. [HB940]
2003: Creigh voted to support “truth in advertising” legislation for the payday lending industry in 2003. [HB1769]
2004: Creigh voted for stricter regulations on payday loan paperwork. [HB688]

2005: Creigh voted to prohibit payday lenders from lending to military personnel or their spouses if a base commander has declared a location restricted. [HB1156]
2007: Creigh voted to create an internet database of loan holders to ensure that a payday lender could not hand out anymore loans to individuals with multiple outstanding loans. [SB1014]
2008: Creigh supported legislation to cap interest loans for payday loans at 36% and to put strict regulations on the payday lending industry. [SB588, HB12]
2009: Earlier this year, Creigh co-patroned legislation to crackdown on payday lenders, which was signed into law by Governor Kaine. [SB1470]
As Governor, Creigh Deeds will end predatory payday and car-title lending in Virginia.


Written by Ryan Nobles

May 8, 2009 at 10:28 pm

5 Responses

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  1. Ick, Creigh’s people transcribed the ad as saying “too high [of] a price” when the actor clearly says “too high a price”. According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of English Usage, the suggested form (with the extra “of”) is a recent idiom, dating only to about the 1940s. Some dictionaries call it erroneous (preferring “too high a price” without “of”), but MWDEU only cautions that the version with “of” seems to be standard in speech but not writing.

    Either way, the transcriber’s “[of]” is clearly a miscorrection. Get over yourself, Creigh’s transcriber. McAuliffe is bad for Virginia, but you don’t need to get snooty to prove it. Now you just look like a kid who didn’t get enough training in English writing.

    As for the rest of the press release, A+ for pointing out the games and reminding us of the truth.


    May 9, 2009 at 2:17 am

  2. If I were Deeds I would try and blame the Republicans for the failures to stop the horrendous exploitation by the predatory lenders. If I were a Republican, I would blame the Democrats–and both parties would be right because members of both parties have been helping the predatory lenders. But let’s forget about who is to blame and talk about what they are going to do if elected. Among all the “reforms” of predatory lending the one thing that has been missing is an interest rate cap. We need a 36% cap on this lending now!

    truth in Lending

    May 9, 2009 at 1:47 pm

  3. What is McDonnell’s position on predatory lending. And don’t tell us he is for reform–is he for or against a 36% cap?

    truth in Lending

    May 9, 2009 at 1:48 pm

  4. […] comes after Creigh Deeds attacking Terry McAuliffe over an ad that claims the Macker attacked Tim Kaine and other elected Democrats.  […]

  5. […] but he felt it was important to set the record straight as to what McAuliffe was saying about pay-day lending in Virginia. He claims setting the record straight was a necessity and not an example of a negative […]

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