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Cantor on Gitmo and RPV Chair

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cantor Local Congressman Eric Cantor (who is fast becoming one of the chief voices of opposition to President Barack Obama) is working hard to prevent attempts to move enemy combatants, currently housed at Guantanamo Bay, to military prisons in Virginia.

Closing down Guantanamo was a campaign pledge for the President and he promised to make it a reality in the very early stages of his administration. Shutting the facility down isn’t the problem, it is what to do after that is making life difficult for Mr. Obama and his staff.

By closing Gitmo’s doors, the Federal Government is faced with the daunting proposition of what to do with the detainees held at the facility. It seems that every scenario creates a bigger problem. By releasing them to their home countries, you run the risk of letting them return to the activity that got them into the military prison to begin with. By housing them in U.S., you run the risk of creating new, in-country terrorist targets and will be forced to spend taxpayer dollars to fortify the the proposed installations.

This laundry list of problems has created an opportunity for Eric Cantor. Cantor has become very vocal in his opposition to any of the proposed solutions, citing the reasons above. Cantor has proposed legislation that would force the feds to receive approval from the governor and state legislatures of any state that could become home to these enemy combatants. That would effectively prevent any terror suspects from being brought to the U.S. because no politician would run the risk of approving a move that is bound to be unpopular.

However, Cantor and (no other politician for that matter) seems to have the solution. It has created a problem that will just continue to grow.

After the jump you watch the video from out story on this topic that aired on NBC12 Friday night. In addition, I have an extended clip from Rep. Cantor where he reveals that he is supporting Pat Mullins for Republican Party of Virginia Chair. You may recall that we broke the news a few weeks ago that Mr. Cantor was no longer supportive of Jeff Frederick as chairman.

Guanatanmo Bay Story from NBC12:

Eric Cantor confirms his support for Pat Mullins as RPV Chair

Transcript: “Well Pat Mullins has always sort of been the candidate that I have supported in the process and I look forward to his re-election if you will at the State Convention in a couple of weeks.”


Written by Ryan Nobles

May 9, 2009 at 7:08 pm

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