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Governor Kaine brings DNC to Richmond

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Governor Tim Kaine is hosting the Democratic National Committee’s Executive Committee for a business meeting in Richmond tomorrow. According the release, the Governor will tout the party’s success  not only nationally but at a state and local level as well.

The event is a good example of the delicate balance the Governor is attempting to walk over the last few months of his term. This event is highly political and it will give reporters the chance to get him to weigh in on a number of controversial issues. Issues that are appropriate for the DNC chair to give an opinion on, but a sitting governor may want to sit out of.

Among them:

*Is he going to endorse in the Democratic primary for governor? (There are rumblings tonight that the Democratic Governor’s Association (DGA) chair may show his cards.)

*Will he take the opportunity to attack the Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell and what role is he playing in the work of the group “Common Sense Virginia”, which is in large part funded by the DGA?

*Does he have an opinion on the new controversy surrounding the new RPV chair Pat Mullins?

*How important will his legacy be as a democratic governor looking back and a a DNC chair moving forward, if his party can’t hold on the Governor’s mansion this November?

We’ll look for the answers to these questions and more tomorrow, right here in the River City.


Written by Ryan Nobles

May 14, 2009 at 10:21 pm

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