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Who really is the most negative candidate for Governor?

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Ryan Nobles – bio | email

It is filling up my inbox yet again.

Brian Moran is “setting the record straight” with a radio ad about Terry McAuliffe‘s support of President Barack Obama.

Then McAuliffe responds with a statement of his own condeming Moran’s negative attack. In his statement McAuliffe’s spokesperson claims that Moran “continues to run false and misleading ads.”

This comes after Creigh Deeds attacking Terry McAuliffe over an ad that claims the Macker attacked Tim Kaine and other elected Democrats.  (That’s right an attack in response to another attack).

Meanwhile bloggers and staffers banter back and forth on the internet about who really is the most negative candidate and which of these potential nominees is really “telling the truth”.  It makes great fodder and fills up blogs (which are read primarly by people who have already made up their minds), but it usually makes me wonder if anyone really cares.

I have to admit, each time the e-mail comes across with a harsh accusation (which they are getting just a bit more harsh as the days before June 9th begin to tick down) I get the urge to run to the computer and post something right away.  But I always take a deep breath and ask myself:  How much does the average voter really care?

My mandate is a bit different than most political bloggers in that I work for a news organization that covers everything. Rarely, if ever, do most of the things I post about here get on NBC12.  So when I pitch a story for the evening newscast, I have to really convince my bosses that a political story merits air time.  Attacks, counter-attacks and the defense of them never meets that muster.

But since we are on the topic let’s set the record straight. All three of the democratic candidates for governor have been negative at one point or another. It comes in many different forms: radio-ads, blog posts, “on background” e-mails,  twitter updates and YouTube clips. They have all taken the opportunity, either themselves or through their closely associated supporters, to highlight differences in their policies and positions.

It is just part of the process.

Written by Ryan Nobles

May 17, 2009 at 9:21 pm

3 Responses

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  3. The events Terry did on behalf of Obama were about repairing the damage he had caused.

    Todd Smyth

    May 18, 2009 at 3:46 pm

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