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McAuliffe/Jewell respond to Crusade for Voters controversy

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marsh and mcauliffeAgainst the picturesque backdrop of the Richmond City skyline, Democratic candidate for governor Terry McAuliffe accepted the endorsement of the Richmond Crusade for Voters. The group is one of the leading civil rights organizations in the Commonwealth.

McAuliffe announced the endorsement earlier in the week to great fanfare, but some of the excitement waned when Senator Henry Marsh, a longtime leader in the group and a Creigh Deeds supporter, questioned the way the vote was taken. Marsh claimed that a large group of people appeared at the meeting who had no connection to the organization.  Marsh who has been with the group for more than 50 years said in a statement that he is afraid the vote has to potential to “reflect poorly on the Crusade and diminish the credibility of this historic organization.”

Richmond City Councilman E. Martin Jewell, a McAuliffe supporter disagrees. He rushed to McAuliffe’s defense today during the event and claimed that Marsh’s complaints are without merit. He said with or without the members in question, McAuliffe won the vote by a comfortable margin. He challenged those who disagree to “sue me” and said “This is a Henry Marsh trick! I love him, but I know him! Don’t y’all get tricked by that!.”

An extended clip from the McAuliffe event and Senator Marsh’s entire statement can be found after the jump.. Read the rest of this entry »


Written by Ryan Nobles

May 21, 2009 at 5:15 pm

Dueling endorsements as Wagner-Signer LG Race heats up

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Jon Bowerbank‘s exit from the Democratic race for Lt. Governor, coupled with the ticking clock has really sent the Virginia primary into overdrive. The two remaining candidates, Democratic political staffer Mike Signer and former State Finance Secretary Jody Wagner, have gone overboard to reach out to Bowerbank supporters and separate themselves as the top pick to take on whomever emerges from the Republican side. (Incumbent LG Bill Bolling faces as  challenge at the Republican convention from Patrick Muldoon)

Today both Wagner and Signer will announce endorsements from prominent Virginia politicians. In Richmond Mike Signer will appear, with former Congresswoman Leslie Byrne, who narrowly lost the race for Lt. Governor four years ago. On the other side, Congressman Rick Boucher, who hold tremendous Democratic sway in the redest region of Virginia will announce his support for Ms. Wagner. (For the record Boucher is supporting Creigh Deeds for Governor.)

Signer announced plans to appear with Byrne yesterday but asked the media to withhold the information that she was endorsing him at the event. That was of course until the news leaked this morning that Boucher would endorse Wagner on a conference call at Noon, exactly one hour before the Signer event in Richmond. 

Signer, who is one of the more active twitter candidates, posted this response after learning the news of the Wagner- Boucher endorsement:

@MikeSigner– Interesting…Wagner scrambling sked this a.m. to try and get ahead of Leslie’s amazing endorsement-glad to drive this race, as always! 🙂 #vagov

Signer, who has worked most of his career for other candidates behind the scenes, clearly still has quite a bit of political strategist percolating through his blood.

Written by Ryan Nobles

May 21, 2009 at 10:47 am