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Deeds prepares for the primary campaign home stretch

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Creigh DeedsDemocratic candidate for governor, Creigh Deeds, started Friday morning with the news that he had earned the endorsement of the Washington Post.  He finished the marathon day after events across the commonwealth at NBC12, where we had a wide ranging interview about the state of the race and what it will take for him to win.

Deeds, as you might imagine, was very happy with the Post endorsement for many reasons, but most importantly because of the opportunity it provides him to reach out to Northern Virginia voters. Voters whom he can’t afford to reach with television. Deeds said that for the price of one day’s worth of television advertising in Washington, D.C., he can run ads for seven days in every other part of the state.

He seemed energetic and did everything he could to convince me that despite the fact that time was running out, he will be able to close the gap that polls show are between him and Terry McAuliffe. He also reiterated his claim that his past performance against Bob McDonnell makes him the candidate most prepared to take the Republican in November.

I pushed the candidate a bit on the negativity of the campaign. He claims his campaign is not being negative and he does not have a negative thing to say about either of the other candidates, but he felt it was important to set the record straight as to what McAuliffe was saying about pay-day lending in Virginia. He claims setting the record straight was a necessity and not an example of a negative turn his campaign might be taking.

It is no secret that Deeds’ biggest problem is his lack of resources in the closing days of the campaign. He basically agreed that if money is the deciding factor, he won’t be able to win. Here is his quote:

“There is another candidate out there that has the ability to buy the election, and if Virginia is for sale and if this nomination is for sale, he will make that purchase. There is no doubt about that.”

Extended clips from my interview with Senator Deeds can be found after the jump.

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Written by Ryan Nobles

May 22, 2009 at 10:48 pm

Deeds lands Washington Post endorsement

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Despite having two different candidates from their paper’s base of Northern Virginia to choose from, the Washington Post editorial board is encouraging its readers to vote for Creigh Deeds in the democratic primary for Governor. In the paper’s explanation of its decision, they went as far to call Deeds (who hails from rural Bath County) as the candidate who “has demonstrated an understanding of the problems that matter most, the commitment to solve them and the capacity to get things done.”

You can read the entire endorsement here

The article hails Deeds’ efforts to find solutions to important Virginia problems such as transportation, and tempers his stance on social issues which may make NoVa liberal voters a bit squeamish. The endorsement is not wavering in its support, it emphatically and undeniably states its belief that Deeds is the candidate best apt to handle the job. 

The question is, will it matter? There is no doubt that the endorsement of a newspaper, even a paper as important as the Washington Post, does not carry the same weight that it once did. However, a endorsement like this, particularly one that comes as a relative shock, could be enough to get the attention of uncommitted voters, still waiting to make up their mind. 

Over the past several days a whole hosts of polls have emerged that seem to indicate that Terry McAuliffe is starting to break away from the pack. Deeds and Brian Moran for that matter, needed a diversion to change the conversation.

Northern Virginia is just one of several pivitol battlegrounds set for primary day, but in a region he is not expected to do well in, Creigh Deeds just picked up an important win. 

Written by Ryan Nobles

May 22, 2009 at 11:33 am