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Moran comes to Richmond Monday

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Brian Moran will bring his campaign for Governor to Richmond on Monday. The former House Democratic Leader will meet with small business owners at Jean Jacques Bakery in Carytown. After a series of setbacks, the Moran camp seems to be bouncing back a bit. Moran won the important Fairfax County Straw Poll over the weekend, which is the home county of his opponent Terry McAuliffe. He also won the support of the Virginia Young Democrats. 

Moran continues to battle for the nomination, strategically placing his ad-buys and appearances. He has worked hard over the past few weeks to quietly court Veterans in Hampton Roads and small business owners throughout the state. (One of the reasons he comes to Richmond today.) At the same time Moran’s team has attempted to muddy Terry McAuliffe up by sending out a regular missive entitled the “Pinocchio Report”, where they point out examples of where it appears the former DNC chair has been less than truthful. 

His resilience is an example of how unpredictable this primary really could be. Despite losing key endorsements like the Washington Post and the League of Conservation Voters and losing ground in the polls, the Moran camp shows no signs of slowing down. While veteran political analysts seem to believe Terry McAuliffe will be tough to beat, few seem willing to bodly predict his victory because the number and type of voters that will turnout is impossible to determine. 

Just over a week to go and it looks like we won’t really know anything until the polls close. 

Details on Moran’s event in Richmond are after the jump…

Moran Continues “Fighting for Virginia” Tour in Richmond and Hampton Roads

~ Statewide Tour Highlights Whom Moran Will Fight for As Governor~

ALEXANDRIA – On Monday, Brian Moran will continue his statewide “Fighting for Virginia” tour by spotlighting his support for growing the economy on main streets and his strong commitment to our environment by opposing a new coal plant in the Chesapeake Bay region. The tour began on Saturday in Western Virginia.

Moran will hold a roundtable with small business owners in Richmond and keynote an event opposing the new coal mega-plant in Surry.


Highlight Main Street economic recovery plan at a roundtable with Richmond small business owners in Carytown.

WHEN: Monday, June 1
                 1:30 p.m.

WHERE: Jean Jacques Bakery
                   3138 West Cary Street
                    Richmond, VA

Keynote an event with the Coalition to Keep Surry Clean to discuss their opposition to the proposed coal mega-plant in the Chesapeake Bay area of Surry. Moran is the only candidate for Governor opposed to building the plant.

WHEN: Monday, June 1
               4:00 p.m.

WHERE: Surry Recreation Center
                   205 Enos Farm Drive
                   Surry, Va.


Written by Ryan Nobles

June 1, 2009 at 12:30 pm

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