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McAuliffe and McDonnelll both host Richmond events Thursday

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Democratic hopeful Terry McAuliffe and Republican nominee Bob McDonnell will both host major events today in Richmond as the days before the Democratic primary voters go to the polls wind down. 

While this week is all about the Democrats, McDonnell appears to be unwilling to let voters forget about him. You may have noticed that mixed in with the regular onslaught of Democratic ads on TV, McDonnell’s face seems to pop up the most (in part because in addition to his ads, the Democratic Governor’s Association group, Common Sense Virginia, is still spending big dollars in commercials attacking his record).

Today McDonnell tackles an issue that is usually a favorite of Democrats: education. He will announce the second phase of his education plan, that will in part, propose the expansion of charter schools in the commonwealth. 

Meanwhile, up the road in Henrico County, Terry McAuliffe will host a round table with business leaders at a company in Glen Allen. Despite all the attacks on his campaign and his dip in the polls, McAuliffe has not swayed from his primary message of job creation. Following the event in Henrico, the Macker comes to Richmond to work the phones with volunteers at his headquarters on Franklin Street. McAuliffe may be particularly interested in shoring up his vote here in Richmond with some polls showing him trailing in the Capital City. The much discussed PPP poll has him behind in 804 area code. (Moran- 29%, McAuliffe 23%, Deeds-21%  **see page 13 of the poll breakdown)

The details from both RVA events can be found after the jump–



Thursday, gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe will hold a business town hall with ChemTreat employees. Also, Thursday, McAuliffe will participate in a Richmond phone bank with volunteers and supporters.

Thursday, June 4

2:45 pm Terry McAuliffe Holds Business Town Hall
4301 Dominion Boulevard
Glen Allen, VA 23060
Note: Event open to press but will be closed to the public

4:45 pm Terry McAuliffe Participates in Richmond Phone Bank
Friends of Terry McAuliffe Richmond Office
408 W. Franklin Street
Richmond, VA 23220

Bob McDonnell Unveils Part Two of his Education Reform Plan Today in Richmond

Focus on k-12 and expanding charter schools in the Commonwealth

Bob McDonnell, Republican gubernatorial nominee and former attorney general of Virginia, will unveil part two of his education reform plan, “Educational Equality and Excellence – Preparing Virginia Children for 21st Century Jobs and Opportunities,” today, June 4th at 1:00 p.m. The event will take place in the House Briefing Room at the General Assembly Building in Richmond. In May, McDonnell unveiled part one, his higher-education initiative to expand access to college at an affordable rate.


Written by Ryan Nobles

June 4, 2009 at 9:44 am

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