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New polls dampen the mood of McAuliffe bloggers

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After weeks of touting Terry McAuliffe as “the” candidate to take on Bob McDonnell in November, two polls that seem to indicate that Creigh Deeds is running away with the primary have sharply turned the moods of independent bloggers behind the Macker’s candidacy. 

Perhaps McAuliffe’s biggest backer Lowell Feld, the creator of the netroots sensation “Raising Kaine” and now the author of the popular “Blue Virginia” posted a melancholy entry today entitled “The Only Poll that Matters“.  The post in part says the following:

“The SurveyUSA poll results (Deeds 42%, McAuliffe 30%, Moran 21%) that just came out doesn’t look good for Terry supporters like me. On the other hand, cliches are sometimes true, so let’s hope that “the only poll that matters is the one on election day” cliche holds up tomorrow.”

While Feld hasn’t given up quite yet and is encouraging his readers to work hard to get McAuliffe supporters to the polls, relying on the idea of a “cliche” holding up does not emote confidence.

But Feld isn’t the only one. Ben Tribbett, of the famous “NotLarrySabato” blog who got quite a bit of publicity when his endorsement of McAuliffe led to the candidate appearing in a YouTube video accepting the nomination, tweeted the following yesterday:

@notlarrysabatoThere’s a fairly good chance none of my endorsements will win Tuesday. I don’t endorse to pick a winner, I endorse the best person.”

Tribett followed up his tweet with a blog post last night that told everyone interested in the election to not worry about the polls.

“The Creigh surge is real.  My thoughts…Ignore the polls.  Go fight for your candidate for another day and a half, and let’s pick a winner tomorrow night instead of today.”

Their changing moods show how the support of independent bloggers can be good and bad. While Feld and Tribbett have provided McAuliffe an excellent opportunity to spread his message, they are not employed by the campaign. They can say whatever they want and while they often regurgitate talking points, both have a reputation to protect. Their readers expect an honest assessment of their view of the race.

Right now, that is exactly what they are giving them. 


Written by Ryan Nobles

June 8, 2009 at 1:40 pm

One Response

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  1. perhaps the bloggers will realize that Virginians do care about the candidates qualifications. not just the lure of the “talk”.


    June 8, 2009 at 7:19 pm

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