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VA Lt. Governor primary: Experience vs. Potential

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In the latest PPP poll that is getting so much attention because of what it says about the race for governor, 41% of respondents said they had no idea who they were voting for in the Lt. Governor’s race. That sounds like a big number, but it has actually dropped 22% since the last poll was taken. Regardless, in less than 24 hours voters will head to the polls and many of them don’t know much about either Michael Signer or Jody Wagner

Yesterday afternoon I sat down with both Signer and Wagner for a lengthy discussion about their race and one thing became clear. Jody Wagner is running as the time-tested experience candidate ready to get to work on day one. Michael Signer is running as a dynamic ideas man, prepared to reshape the office of Lt. Governor. A promise of a great return from a pool of potential. 

It offers voters a distinct choice that has provided some insight into the Democratic party in Virginia. While Wagner has locked up the endorsement of virtually every elected official and prominent Democratic leader, Signer has wrapped up support from the netroots advocates and a few progressive leaders who like to shake things up a bit. In a race that is often a stepping stone to greater things (although both candidates reject that notion) it is clear that there are diverging paths as to the future of the left side of the isle. 

Of course that is why we hold elections. And while this race won’t get too many headlines, it has the potential to speak volumes about where die-hard democrats see the future of their party. Do they want to continue the tradition built under the success of Warner and Kaine, or are they willing to take that a step further? Both this candidates have their ideas of which is the better alternative. The decision is now left in your hands at the ballot box on Tuesday. 

After the jump, you can see video of my report on the LG race from NBC12.


Written by Ryan Nobles

June 8, 2009 at 10:25 am

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