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The new Deeds team

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Ryan Nobles – bio | email

The Democratic nominee for Governor, Creigh Deeds is not wasting any time staffing up for his head to head rematch with Bob McDonnell. Yesterday Deeds campaign manager, Joe Abbey sent supporters an e-mail listing the the new political team.

Abbey, the 30 year old who engineered Deeds unlikely victory, has become a new political hot property after a flattering profile in the Washington Post. He will lead a team of veteran DPV hands, staffers from his boss’ former opponents and campaign gurus from both the Warner and Kaine camps.

Unlike the last time Deeds ran against McDonnell in a statewide race, it is very apparent from Abbey’s e-mail that this time the campaign focus heavily on new media connected to grassroots supporters. It is not a surprise that the new Democratic nominee would come in prepared to take advantage of the success built by Barack Obama‘s campaign for President in Virginia last year.

I can bet that Creigh Deeds has never run a campaign, where a member of his inner circle has the title of “Mobile-Media Consultant.”

The full list of the new Deeds team can be found after the jump


Levar Stoney, Political Director — Levar, a native of Yorktown and graduate of James Madison University, has worked in Virginia politics since 2003. Levar served as Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Virginia since February 2008, working closely with President Obama’s Virginia team. Stoney previously served as Political Director at the DPVA and as Deputy Finance Director for Creigh Deeds’s campaign for Attorney General. In 2004, he was a regional organizer on the John Kerry Presidential campaign in Virginia, and in 2003 he served as Field Director on a House of Delegates race in Hampton Roads.

Matt Felan, Finance Director — Matthew Felan has been the long-time fundraiser for Governor Tim Kaine. Matt was the Finance Director for Governor Kaine’s victorious 2005 gubernatorial campaign, raising more than $20 million. He later served Kaine as Executive Director of Moving Virginia Forward and as Senior Finance Advisor to the Chairman at the DNC. In 2007, Felan served as Deputy National Finance Director for Senator Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign. Felan’s firm also led the fundraising efforts for Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones and served as a fundraising consultant to Congressman Gerry Connolly.

Hailey Arends, CFO — Hailey served as Director of Compliance and Operations for the McAuliffe for Governor campaign. She previously worked for Tim Kaine’s campaign in 2005 and his PAC, Moving Virginia Forward.

Mike Gehrke, Communications Director — Mike Gehrke has worked in communications and research operations in 15 states, at a national level and in the last two presidential campaigns. He lives in Arlington, Virginia, with his wife and family.

Kevin Hall, Senior Advisor — Kevin will take a brief leave-of-absence from the staff of U.S. Sen. Mark R. Warner to help establish and coordinate the campaign’s press and policy operations. Hall, who previously served as press secretary for Governors Warner and Kaine in Richmond, will leave the Senate payroll and begin this temporary advisory role with the Deeds campaign on Monday.

Jared Leopold, Press Secretary — Jared served as the Communications Director for the Democratic Party of Virginia since January 2009. He previously worked for the Party’s 2008 Coordinated Campaign, helping to elect Barack Obama, Mark Warner and three new Democratic Congressmen. In 2007, Jared worked for the Party’s Senate and House caucuses, as Democrats took back the State Senate. Prior to coming to Virginia, he worked on campaigns in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Mark Giangreco, Jr., Policy Director — Mark was the Deputy Policy Director for Terry McAuliffe for Governor. Before that, he worked on Mark Warner’s successful 2008 Senate campaign.

Dave Mills, Finance — Dave served as the State Finance Director for Brian Moran’s gubernatorial campaign. Prior to working for Moran, Dave was Finance Director for the Democratic Party of Virginia. He also worked on Governor Kaine’s inauguration and served as Deputy Finance Director on Kaine’s 2005 campaign.

Julie Copeland, Intergovernmental Relations Director — Julie is a 20-year veteran of Virginia politics, with experience in 8 statewide races during that time. After serving as chief of staff for Lieutenant Governor Don Beyer, she served as Senate Democratic Caucus Director for 5 years. She then launched Copeland Research, an issues and research firm specializing in legislative candidates.

Kate Sokolov, New Media Director — Kate joined the Deeds for Virginia campaign in January 2009 to manage all of Senator Deeds’s online activities. She previously worked for then-Senator Hillary Clinton as Deputy Internet Director for Friends of Hillary and HillPAC, and as a member of the Internet team during Clinton’s presidential campaign. Prior to that, Kate worked in Government Affairs at M+R Strategic Services on behalf of non-profit organizations.

JJ Minor, Outreach Director — JJ has worked in political and field roles on numerous Virginia campaigns over the last 8 years. His campaign experience includes: Delores McQuinn for Delegate (2008), Dwight Jones for Mayor (2008), Floyd Miles for Delegate (2007), Henry Marsh for Senate (2007), Donald McEachin for Senate (2007), Jim Webb for U.S. Senate (2006), Tim Kaine for Governor (2005), John Kerry for President (2004) and Mark Warner for Governor (2001).

Scott Goodstein, Mobile Media Consultant –– Scott, the Founder of Revolution Messaging LLC, was External Online Director for Obama for America and developed the campaign’s social networking platforms. Goodstein also created and implemented Obama Mobile, an advanced communication strategy that included text messaging, downloads, interactive voice response communication, a mobile website (WAP), and even an iPhone application. Prior to the Obama campaign, Goodstein worked for the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Virginia Victory 2001 Campaign for Mark Warner, The Virginia Democratic Party and both Virginia Democratic House and Senate Campaign Committees.


Written by Ryan Nobles

June 18, 2009 at 2:58 pm

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