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Kaine declines RPV FOIA request on DNC travel

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In a press release that arrived in most reporter’s inboxes, after 5pm on a Friday afternoon, Governor Tim Kaine responded to Republican Party of Virginia Chair Pat Mullins request to disclose information about his travel as the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

In a two page response, Kaine aide Lynda Tran explained that the request was denied because of the administration’s judgment of the rules pertaining to the Freedom of Information Act.  Tran cited a number of different sections of the law that supported her claim that Mullins did not have a right to the information.

Tran wrote that FOIA attempts to “balance transparency and disclosure against the the impact the revelation of specific information could have on the Governor’s ability to properly and effectively carry out the business of the public.”

After building the case that the law supported their claim that Kaine did not have to provide any information regarding his personal travel, Tran went on to write that the Governor is going above and beyond by providing the details of his travel when asked about a specific event.

“..it is in the spirit of transparency and in the interest of Virginians that Governor Kaine is choosing to respond to questions pertaining his schedule during any of the numerous events that a regularly disclosed as part of his public schedule.”

Finally, on Mullins request for the costs associated with Kaine’s security detail, Tran pointed the RPV chair to the Executive Officers Protection Unit.

Meanwhile the RPV is still deciding how to react to the Kaine’s response. Spokesman Tim Murtaugh‘s full statement can be found after the jump.


“We have received Governor Kaine’s response to our Freedom of Information Act request for documents related to his schedule and travel associated with his job as Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, as well as documents related to expenses associated with his State Police Executive Protection Unit.

“After his legally-allowed five day period for a response, the governor has declined to provide the documents requested. Additionally, he has referred us to the State Police for documents related to the Executive Protection Unit.

“The governor’s office has made a variety of legal arguments in a letter provided to our party chairman Pat Mullins. We will review the response over the weekend before commenting further.”

Tim Murtaugh, Republican Party of Virginia


Written by Ryan Nobles

June 26, 2009 at 5:51 pm

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