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Deeds faces the readers of the Times-Dispatch

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Amidst the backdrop of yet another poll that shows him trailing in the race for Governor, democratic candidate Creigh Deeds will answer questions from readers of the Richmond Times-Dispatch on Wednesday in a half -hour live forum on their web site. You can submit your questions by emailing the T-D at news@timesdispatch.com and putting “Ask the candidate” in the subject line.

The live chat kicks off at 12:45pm

As has been widely reported, the Deeds campaign has taken a sharp turn in their campaign strategy by making the choice to point out the candidates’ differences with his opponent republican Bob McDonnell on social issues. Deeds has held a rally with abortions supporters and has highlighted the differences between he and McDonnell on the issue in a mass e-mail. The turn in the Deeds approach was dramatic enough for Rasmussen to include a question about abortion in their latest poll. It revealed that McDonnell holds a 12% lead when voters are ask which candidate they trust more when it comes to the divisive issue.

McDonnell and his team seem to be embracing the new Deeds attack line. They too have sent out a mass e-mail on the topic and have responded by sending reporters past clippings where Deeds promised to focus on issues like the economy, jobs and transportation, instead of lithmus test social issues. Conservative bloggers are reminding their liberal friends that relying on hot button social issues as a tactic to win an election, is usually something they are accused of.

If this forum is anything like the last one, with McDonnell, don’t expect the T-D readers to shy away from any of these dicey topics. McDonnell was forced to answer questions about the President’s place of birth and his abortion stance.

We will have a complete wrap on the Deeds’ appearance later today on NBC12 First at Four and I will be joined on the set by reporter Jim Nolan who is conducting the chat. I will so post some of the video highlights later tonight on Decision Virginia.


Written by Ryan Nobles

August 12, 2009 at 8:35 am

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