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McDonnell answers questions regarding controversial paper

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It wasn’t quite an Arnold Vinick moment, but Monday afternoon under intense pressure from a frenzied 24 hour media barrage about a paper he had written 20 years ago, republican candidate for governor Bob McDonnell took questions from reporters during a close to 90 minute conference call. During the call, McDonnell gave a lengthy explanation about his motivation for writing the paper and attempted to explain how his views have changed over the past 2 decades.

In perhaps the most heavily participated conference call of the campaign, reporters from all across the state and national media outlets picked out specific lines from the close to 100 page document, forcing the candidate to explain himself.

Here are a few clips I picked out from the call, to give you an idea of how McDonnell is reacting in the wake of the revelation.

McDonnell’s team is hopeful that his candid response to the discovery will allow the controversy to be put behind them. Tuesday they hope to change the message by getting back on the campaign trail and making a major education announcement in Alexandria. The event will take them right into Northern Virginia, the region where this paper could cause him the most damage.

While republicans are ready to turn the page, democrats are planning to get everything they can out of this document. They have already sent out fund raising missives to supporters across Virginia and the entire U.S. Their goal appears to be working to fire up a passive base by calling the paper, McDonnell’s “blueprint” for a long term political agenda. The talking point could be found at just about every level of the democratic hierarchy. From grass roots supporters to the state’s top dog and DNC chair, Tim Kaine who we caught up with this morning.

Here is the uncut clip from the Governor’s remarks on the issue (note the use of the word “blueprint”):

Both sides have now played their hands with this significant campaign development. How the voters respond could determine the course of the remainder of this campaign.


Written by Ryan Nobles

August 31, 2009 at 9:40 pm

2 Responses

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  1. So McDonnell is accusing others of “flat misrepresentation”? Well, welcome to politics Mr. McDonnell.

    It turns out that people will be paying attention to his record as a state legislator after all. Then they can determine whether his recrod reflects his sincere desire to move the state forward or spend his time meddling in citizens private affairs. In my opinion his records speaks firmly to the later.

    Great timing on the part of the Left in releasing this on both a weekend and as we turn into the home stretch.

    Russ H.

    September 1, 2009 at 12:42 pm

  2. […] been dogged by the controversy surrounding a graduate thesis that he wrote 20 years ago. Despite a 90 minute press conference call on the topic, the media and the democrats do not seem to be interested in turning the […]

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