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Gubernatorial candidates to cross paths in Richmond Thursday

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Both candidates for governor, republican Bob McDonnell and democrat Creigh Deeds will be in the Richmond area on Thursday. One will be hoping to change the current conversation, the other hoping to keep it going for as long as possible.

McDonnell will take his “New Jobs, New Opportunities RV” to Cafe Caturra in Midlothian. He will be joined by local Delegate Lee Ware who is facing a re-election fight from independent candidate Gary Reinhardt.  McDonnell has been dogged by the controversy surrounding a graduate thesis that he wrote 20 years ago. Despite a 90 minute press conference call on the topic, the media and the democrats do not seem to be interested in turning the page.

McDonnell has held two different events since the news broke, one on education another the federal card check legislation. He hoped those topics would begin to change the conversation.  The story about his thesis has become the dominant issue at this point in the campaign. That means that when someone gets the chance to talk to the candidate, that is what they want to talk about.

Despite the heat that is cast down on his current situation, a new poll taken by Rasmussen has the republican still enjoying a 9 point lead. The poll was taken shortly after the news about thesis broke. While Rasmussen reported that 49% of voters said the revelation will not impact their vote, the pollsters left open the possibility that it could come into play the longer the news lingers.

Which is exactly what Creigh Deeds hopes to do.

While the republicans are doing everything they possibly can to move on, democrats at all levels are drudging the story and thesis up at every possible turn. Tomorrow, after McDonnell attempts to talk about “New Jobs and New Opportunities” in Midlothian, Deeds will hold a press event at the Capitol where he plans to address “issues facing working women.”

It clearly will be yet another opportunity to talk about the McDonnell thesis.


Written by Ryan Nobles

September 2, 2009 at 9:47 pm

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