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Today I go “Over the Edge” for the Special Olympics

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Against my wife’s better judgement and despite my own mild fear of hanging from the side of a 30 story building, today in Richmond I am going to attempt to go “Over the Edge” for the Richmond Special Olympics. If you haven’t heard of this event yet, quite a few people from RVA have spent the last several weeks raising money all toward the goal of repelling off the side of the Sun-Trust Building downtown. If you haven’t seen that building in a while, here is a picture: 24DB149F-789B-46A0-BBF4-07FEF44D24ACYeah.. it’s really tall.

My repel is scheduled today for 1:30. I have repelled before, but not from nearly as high a distance, and with far fewer people watching. I am hoping to have some videotape evidence of the event, that I will share with you later on DV. In the meantime, consider supporting the efforts of our local Special Olympics. They are a terrific organization and do amazing work. In fact, one of their athletes is going to be among the group of us going “Over the Edge”.

I am sure I will have twitter updates throughout the experience so check my feed for a play by play.. and at the very least to make sure the feed doesn’t abruptly end at around 1:30. (that was a joke)

Written by Ryan Nobles

October 9, 2009 at 10:59 am

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  1. […] past weekend I participated in the first Over The Edge VA 2009 event, participants who raised $1,500 in donations for Special Olympics were given access to rappel down 25 story […]

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