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Debate III- Deeds vs. McDonnell

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Debate Three is in the books, and with only one forum remaining and time slipping away, this event did not seem to provide the kind of tectonic shake that could potentially flip a campaign upside down. Both Bob McDonnell and Creigh Deeds stuck to a similar pattern seen in both of their previous debates.  McDonnell played things tight, sticking to an overall positive message, but finding ways to hit Deeds on taxes and a lack of a transportation plan. Aside from tagging McDonnell as a liar, Deeds steered clear of any direct attacks, but found multiple opportunities to remind voters about his opponents’ controversial masters thesis.

NBC12 provided the most watched and complete coverage of the debate of any media outlet in the Richmond area. Here is a look back at our coverage in case you missed any of the action.

*Tara Morgan was at the debate at WCVE in Chesterfield and filed this report.

*During the debate our Political Analyst Dan Palazzolo and I conducted a liveblog that provided an online discussion to more 4207019_vtthan 600 readers. You can view the entire liveblog by clicking here.

*Professor Palazzolo and I also co-hosted a special web-only review of the debate. You can see what Palazzollo thinks the impact this debate will have on the campaign itself, by clicking here.

Only one more debate remains. It takes place October 20th at Roanoke College and will be produced by our affiliate WSLS.

After the jump you can read what the reaction was from both campaigns in the wake of this important debate.


~ McDonnell Dodges Questions, Runs From His Record ~

RICHMOND– In front of the League of Women Voters and members of the AARP Virginia Monday, Sen. Creigh Deeds, the Democratic candidate for governor, laid out his plan to move Virginia forward by creating jobs, expanding educational opportunities and developing an honest plan to solve our transportation problems. While Sen. Deeds laid out his plans to expand opportunity throughout the state, McDonnell continued to dodge questions and run from his conservative record.

In the debate McDonnell embraced the Bush – Gilmore legacy which cost the Commonwealth, and the nation, thousands of jobs. Going back to the failed policies of Bush-Gilmore would be devastating for the Commonwealth and would undo all the progress made by Governors Warner and Kaine.

When asked about redistricting, once again, McDonnell’s record didn’t match his rhetoric. He said he now supports a bipartisan redistricting commission, but as a state legislator he voted to kill bipartisan redistricting reform.

When the discussion moved to transportation, McDonnell said “newspapers say I’m the only one with a plan.” But the truth is, papers have called his plan “dead on arrival,” “dishonest” and even “a laundry list of phony-baloney proposals.”

Sen. Deeds has proposed the only approach to transportation which has worked in the last 30 years which is why the same papers have called his plan the only “honest” option. McDonnell couldn’t even admit to the real threat posed by climate change. When asked if he believes climate change is happening now, he once again refused to give voters a straight answer and instead attempted to spread lies which factcheck.org today called false.

McDonnell also admitted he would rescind executive orders issued by Governors Warner and Kaine banning discrimination on basis of sexual orientation. This may be the first time in the history of the Commonwealth that a governor would take a step backwards on equal rights.

Question after question, McDonnell continued to run from his record and refused to give Virginia straight forward answers.

This debate once again proved that there is only one candidate with the record and integrity to restore Virginia’s economy.


In Statewide Debate Creigh Deeds Pledges to Raise Taxes; Angrily Attacks Opponent

McDonnell Lays out Clear Contrast on Taxes, Spending, Jobs and the Economy

McDonnell’s Positive Vision to Keep Taxes Low and Grow Jobs Trumps Creigh’s Angry Attacks and High Tax Plans

RICHMOND- In the third debate of the gubernatorial contest Bob McDonnell, Republican gubernatorial nominee and former Attorney General of Virginia, put his positive vision for new jobs and lower taxes up against Creigh Deeds’ negative attacks, lack of a transportation plan and clear commitment to raising taxes on Virginians in the middle of a recession. By the end of the hour the contrast in the two candidates’ visions and campaigns was once again crystal clear.

Bob McDonnell spent his time stressing his opposition to unfunded federal mandates, making clear his commitment to keeping taxes low, laying out his vision to create new jobs in Virginia, talking about his support for charter schools, performance pay, getting more money into the classroom and awarding 100,000 more degrees over the next 15 years. McDonnell also was clear on his support for environmentally-friendly offshore drilling, encouraging green energy research in Virginia, and looking out Virginia’s growing senior population.

In stark contrast, Creigh Deeds, now down to just 21 days until Election Day, again failed to lay out any transportation plan at all. He once again told voters they would have to elect him first, with no plan to consider before voting at all, and he then would assemble a panel to tell him to raise taxes. And he would do so immediately. And Creigh continued his negative onslaught against McDonnell, just 24 hours after one Virginia newspaper wrote, “Deeds and his hired campaign staff, arguably, have reached new lows for campaign negativity in Virginia.”

The two candidates will meet for their final debate next Tuesday, October 20th at Roanoke College. The debate will be sponsored by WSLS.


Written by Ryan Nobles

October 13, 2009 at 10:30 am

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