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Deeds promises Obama will return to Virginia for his campaign

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Ryan Nobles – bio | email

Democratic candidate for Governor, State Senator Creigh Deeds told me today in an exclusive interview on NBC12 First at Four, that President Barack Obama will return to Virginia to campaign on his behalf. Deeds said the event will happen sometime between now and election day.

Here is the transcript of the exchange:

Ryan Nobles: Is President Obama going to comeback to Virginia and campaign on your behalf?

Creigh Deeds: President Obama will be back in Virginia, yes.

Ryan Nobles: But to campaign for you?

Creigh Deeds: He will be back to campaign for me. You know he has been in Virginia a number of times, on you know Government policy, I did not feel like it was appropriate for me to cross the line and try to blur politics with policy.

Ryan Nobles: But you say, within the next 19 days we will see you and Barack Obama, standing on a stage in Virginia.

Creigh Deeds: You will, yes.

Ryan Nobles: Now in the past, at a recent debate, you refused to call yourself an “Obama Democrat”. Are you concerned that an association like this, in a big public forum could turn off independent voters?

Creigh Deeds: You know, I support the President, but I will not visit my sins upon anyone else. I support the President I support the President, I think he is doing a good job, I worked hard for his election last year I want him to be successful. It is in the interest of every single American citizen that he be successful as President of the United States, But I speak for myself, I am my own kind of Democrat and I have always been a Creigh Deeds Democrat.

Deeds and I also spoke about Transportation, Taxes and his state in the polls. The full interview can be seen below:

Don’t forget, that the Republican Bob McDonnell joins me on Monday. That interview has already been taped and also promises to make some news. Stay tuned.


Written by Ryan Nobles

October 15, 2009 at 5:05 pm

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