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McDonnell pledges to serve entire term

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In an exclusive interview on NBC12 First at Four, former Attorney General and current Republican Nominee for Governor of Virginia,  Bob McDonnell told me that he will serve every day of his four year term, if he is elected Governor on November 3rd.

Even though McDonnell has yet to win this race for Governor, pundits in many circles are already speculating that if he were to be successful that he would automatically be propelled into a small group of legitimate contenders for the 2016 or perhaps even 2012 Republican nomination for President.  While it may be premature to consider a man who has yet to even win a Governor’s race as a potential candidate for the nation’s highest office, remember that McDonnell recently stepped down from the Attorney General’s office to run for Governor.

The Republican told me, if elected he will serve his entire term.

Here is the transcript:

Ryan Nobles: Were you to win on November 3rd, you would almost automatically become a prime candidate for the GOP nomination for President. Will you make a commitment right now that you were you to win on November 3rd that you will stay for your entire four year term and not run for President in 2012?

Bob McDonnell: Absolutley, I think those are all pipe dreams down the road. You know there is a number of national political pundits that are paying an exceptional amount of attention to Virginia. I am running to be Governor of Virginia, this is a state that I have lived in virtually my entire life. I love this state we have great opportunities ahead for the state to create more opportunity and prosperity for our citizens, in so many ways, I am fully committed to four years as Virginia’s governor.

Ryan Nobles: You’ll be there from the start right until the end.

Bob McDonnell: Absolutely, we need a full time Governor.

{end of transcript]

Perhaps a little dig at the end toward Governor Tim Kaine, who is currently serving as the Chair of the DNC at the same time as serving as Governor?  Of course Kaine himself was rumored to be a finalist as then Sen. Barack Obama’s running mate in the race for President last year.

McDonnell could potentially run for President, while serving as Governor at the same time, but balancing the two jobs is difficult and Virginia has a history of not looking kindly on their Chief Executive attempting to do both.  If he remains true to this pledge, it won’t be something he has to worry about.

McDonnell also answered questions about his controversial master’s thesis, his plan for transportation and the remarks caught on camera by his prominent supporter Sheila Johnson.

You can see the entire interview below:


Written by Ryan Nobles

October 19, 2009 at 7:29 pm

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