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Tweets from the ground- Your view of election day

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I asked this morning on my twitter page, for voters to tweet me the scene at their polling place. I am going to post people’s responses to get a view of what Election day is like across Virginia.

I voted around 11:15 at Greenfield Elementary in Chesterfield. At first I thought the scene was abnormally busy because the parking lot was packed:

photoHowever, once my wife and I got inside the wait was not very long at all. I was voter number 628, Karey was 629.


Here are the responses from your tweets- (I will keep updating throughout the day, the latest tweet at the top):

@_KatelynT I didn’t get to vote today because I have H1N1. I feel like I didn’t get to make a difference in the polls.

@g33kgurrl – The eldest & @g33kguy are home. They were voters # 1377 and 1376

@rBrianForrester Voting center empty, no lines @ryanobles http://twitpic.com/o6a36 #nbc12 #RVAvote

@JorgeChazo- I was voter #1208 RT @g33kgurrl @ryanobles Voting in Chesterfield Cty no wait @ CHES I was voter #1280

@g33kgurrl Voting in Chesterfield Cty no wait @ CHES I was voter #1280

@brickworkz Really quick – no line at Short Pump Elem. 3pm today. Took me longer to park (which was also really fast!)

@bradyrick And yes I did vote this morning…in at 9:30, out at 9:31…#nbc12

@bonostph voter turnout was kinda light in warsaw va, but then again i went @ an offpeak time though(3pm).

@jbeatz615 It wasn’t crowded at all. I was expecting to be there for at least 30 minutes but the whole thing only took 10

@ErinEMurphy Voting for me went by quick! No one in there at all. I was number 148 at my precinct! #nbc12 #VaGov

@_moveon no line at 3 chopt elem around 2:30

@drinlow Voted early afternoon in west end. I was number 477. Not very busy but lots of Republican signs.

@VisartsRichmond American Legion on Cutshaw in #rva: dozen or so voters, mostly seniors, no waiting. Also: hand sanitizer.

@virginiadem Fredericksburg polls … much higher than expected voter turnout …. local Commonwealth’s Attorney race seems to be the reason

@Sarvay I see a brown bear staring at me. Oh, wait, wrong story.

@Kari_Bear Just voted in Chesterfield. I was number 462. No line, no wait. Rockin my “I Voted” sticker now 🙂

@smcq Just voted @ the Humphrey Calder Community Center on Thompson Street – Museum District. Piece of cake…no lines! #rvavote

@eblackstock This really is your Christmas, isn’t it?

@wahoobeaver Looking right now at a 10-20% turnout in parts of Southside VA for City of Emporia and Greensville County

@LauraPocketDem I will be voting this afternoon, but both my parents voted earlier at Byrd, which had meager turnout.

@rakul_nitescar Just voted @ Locust Creek (Louisa) maybe half dozen voters there at noon.

@SallyWitzky Stopped in at NASH on Ironbridge Road about an hour ago. No wait. Very polite. In and out in a jiffy.

@collinwagner voter number 843. Deeds table but no MCD. Mostly Deeds signs, also. 5 other voters present.

@mtnews Negative campaigning made clear I support their opponent’s values.

@rvabusiness– Voted at Seminary & Walton in the city @ 10:30. Steady but slow stream of voters. #rvavote

@Lulupayne no line and beautiful skies in Studley 🙂

@dellsells pretty quiet scene at the polls in Northside. Just 2 dems passing out flyers.#vagov #rva

@GarrenShipley Roughly 350 voted in Strasburg at 9:30 this morning. Not presidential turnout, but brisk for this GOP stronghold. #VaGov

@HokieEm Just voted in Western Hanover @PHHS. So far a very good turnout. I was voter #643 at 10:55am. Looking good for Republicans!

@BonnieNeighbour Walked I’m and out, no waiting, at Woodland Heights Baptist church. Voter number 215 at 10:45am #VaGov #RVA

@robbmajor Yes, I voted. At my polling place I saw people voting. And people outside trying to tell me to vote for various candidates.

@Joseph_Taylor the lone democrat flew the coop

@ivathediva I saw NOTHING at my polling place (Franklin St Lib). It was completely empty.

@Napkins I was at Falling Creek ES @ 7:15. Poll workers outnumbered voters by about 4 to 1. Volunteers for both Reps and Dems outside.

@Joseph_Taylor one dem HoD volunteer that doesn’t support Deeds-Wagner-Shannon. 3 repubs vols. Steady turnout in suburban/rural PWC precinct

@WxDan I was #38 at JR Tucker HS around 8am. No lines, and zero volunteers from either side working outside.

@wonderchook Tag Greason our local R delegate candidate out shaking hands, beyond that almost everyone over the age of 70 #vagov

@eddiRVA Around 8:15am at Mary Munford ES in Richmond there were no lines – was in and out in 5 minutes. I was #102.

@suze4405 lot of poll workers not many voters at mary munford school.


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November 3, 2009 at 11:25 am

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