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Palin loves Lieberman

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By:  Ryan Nobles – bio | email

Much has been discussed about Sarah Palin’s return to the media spotlight. The former candidate for Vice-President’s new book comes out tomorrow and she is going to be embarking on a book tour that will bring her to Roanoke later this month. The former Governor of Alaska kicked off the media blitz with a highly publicized interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Palin’s first big moment in the spotlight will be scrutinized in many different places, but I was struck by a question that Winfrey asked about her relationship with Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman. Lieberman, who famously broke party ranks to endorse his friend John McCain, was at one point considered to be a contender to be the GOP nominee for Vice President. Of course, just four years earlier, Lieberman had been the Democratic nominee for the same job.

Insider reports claim that McCain really wanted to run with Lieberman, but that his advisors told him that his lukewarm support from social conservatives would turn into an outright revolt, if he went with the Democrat. Instead he picked Palin. The fact that Lieberman was passed over, especially after he had gone out on such a limb would make one believe that he probably wouldn’t be a huge fan of Sarah Palin. Especially when they two sit on opposite ends of the political spectrum on a number of key social issues.

However in her chat with Winfrey, Palin specifically mentioned how kind Lieberman was during her preparations for her debate with Joe Biden. While the McCain debate prep team seemed to be overwhelming her with a deluge of information, Lieberman told her just to “relax’. You can see what Palin had to say about Lieberman on the Oprah website, in a web extra clip that Winfrey calls “The best advice she got on the campaign trail.”

“He gave me the best advice that anybody had on the campaign.” said Palin. “Be yourself, put your faith in God, he is going to see you through this.  Have fun. They were things that seemed so simplistic, but were absolutely real and helpful at the time.”

Interestingly, I spoke to Sen. Lieberman in the moments after that very debate.  The Senator, who was offered by the McCain campaign as a surrogate from the “spin room”, had nothing but high praise for Palin’s performance. A performance that we now know, was in part because of Lieberman’s contribution to the effort.

Here is the entire uncut interview from October 2, 2008:

Lieberman once again finds himself under attack from liberal Democrats who are unhappy with his role in the health care fight. If he was hoping to repair relationships that have been badly damaged since he was the Democratic nominee for Vice President, praise from Palin, probably won’t be very helpful.


Written by Ryan Nobles

November 16, 2009 at 7:22 pm

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