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The other side of the media scrum

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It became one of the most watched videos of the campaign for Governor. A YouTube clip posted by the Republican Party of Virginia in the moments after the second debate between Creigh Deeds and Bob McDonnell. At that time the polls were tight and the race was on the verge of going one way or the other.

Sen. Deeds was being pressed on if a tax increase was going to have to be a part of his transportation plan, when this happened:

The clip got more than 60,000 views on YouTube and was used repeatedly by the RPV in ads online and on television to portray Deeds as bound and determined to raise taxes.

The video popping up constantly, became somewhat of a joke, for my friend and photographer Matt Neese. Matt and I were in Fairfax that day and were a little late to the “media scrum” party. You can see both Matt and me pop up behind Sen. Deeds looking for an angle to gather some of what the Democrat had to say. Often times one of the commercials would pop up on a television in the newsroom, with Matt’s or my head in the background, causing more than a few laughs among our colleagues.

But the commercials and web videos were only part of the story. The RPV also put out print and internet still pictures of the fracas that would regularly find Matt or me in the background. Pictures like this one:

(That’s me to the left of Sen. Deed’s head)

Every time we’d see the video, Matt said that we was going to put together a piece for the popular NBC12 Photog blog on his side of that experience. He finished the project and posted it today.

Check it out here.

Also Congrats to Matt and his beautiful wife Jessica on the birth of their twins, Alaina and Ryan. (Great names huh?)


Written by Ryan Nobles

December 15, 2009 at 10:41 pm

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