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State of the Commonwealth Preview

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Outgoing Governor Tim Kaine will deliver his last State of the Commonwealth address Wednesday at the Capitol in Richmond. Kaine has already done a series of lengthy exit interviews with reporters across Virginia and has worked to build the case that his administration should be viewed in a positive light. (I’ll have another snippet from my exit-interview with Kaine tomorrow.)

As the time wanes in his time in office, Kaine has received a few positive reviews from the editorial boards of Virginia newspapers including the Washington-Post that said if Kaine were able to run for re-election, who would have won without much of a problem.

Considering that Kaine has already gone to great lengths to build his post-gubernatorial image it will be interesting to see  if he chooses to use the platform of the State of the Commonwealth as a swan song to point out his accomplishments or as a clarion call to legislature to keep his budget plan in place. Kaine just proposed the most controversial and difficult budget of his entire time in office and has warned his successor Bob McDonnell and the legislature not to mess with it.

Kaine told me bluntly last month that “If they enact my budget, there is no doubt that we will be Triple A (in bond rating), best state for business, we’ll keep all those accolades,” said the Governor, before pointing out, “Obviously they will get to make their decision as to what they want to do.”

Tonight, look to see if the Governor talks up his accomplishments, or decides to wade into a fight that ultimately,  he will not be a part of.

We will have complete coverage of Governor’s address tonight:

*The entire speech will be streamed live on our main web site: nbc12.com.

*I will provide live “tweets” from the Capitol during the speech on my Twitter page.

*I will be at the State Capitol and with a live recap on NBC12 News at 11. In addition, I will co-anchor FOX Richmond’s News at 10 live from the Capitol Grounds.

*Tomorrow, we’ll post extended clips from the speech and reaction from the legislators that were there.


Written by Ryan Nobles

January 13, 2010 at 6:44 pm

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