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Wilder responds to critics, “my time will never pass”

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Doug Wilder is used to people within his own party taking issue with his frank assessment of fellow Democrats.  Wilder has never endorsed a Republican before, but is never afraid to take issue with the people on his team.  Today, in a one on one interview, Wilder told me that is not afraid to tell the truth and that his recent editorial in Politico is an example of that honesty.

“A lot of people are saying privately, what I am saying publicly,” said the former Governor of Virginia.

Wilder said that he considers Tim Kaine a friend, but that losses in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts speak for themselves.  In his opinion, it is clear evidence that Kaine is not fit for the job.

“Tim Kaine has been there for a period of time to show what he could do and it hasn’t been productive.”

Wilder has shared this opinion with almost the entire political world, but has yet to share it with Kaine directly. He said that if his fellow former Governor would like his advice he knows where to find him. But Wilder’s technique of rushing right to the press to make these bold pronouncements about the state of his party are often what draw the ire of loyalists who wish he were more of a team player. Many of them believe that Wilder’s voice should not continue to carry so much weight.

To which Wilder responds:

“My time will never pass,”  he said.  ” I think one of the things we have to remember is that I was a part of building the new Democratic party to make it possible for people like Kaine, Warner and Webb to be able to be elected.”

The first black governor in the nation said said he won’t be hurt if President Obama and Governor Kaine choose to ignore him, but warned that he won’t be afraid to point out where they fail.

“If people are satisfied with this fine!” said the always animated Wilder. ” Let it alone, keep it like you got it, but don’t say I didn’t tell you.”

Wilder went out of his way to say that he does not know who would be the best fit as DNC Chairman, but he spoke glowingly about the former Chair Howard Dean and wondered why he was pushed out of the job in the first place.

As wonderful as Wilder quotes can be in written form, there is nothing like hearing it from him directly. See his extended clips from our interview below:


Written by Ryan Nobles

February 10, 2010 at 10:30 pm

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