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McAuliffe asks supporters to join him for drinks in Richmond

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There are few people who don’t think that Terry McAuliffe plans to make another run for Governor in 2013 and he is not doing much to damper that speculation. A few weeks ago, McAuliffe announced plans to buy the Franklin Paper Mill company and turn it into a biomass energy plant. The move was widely seen as political as it married one of his biggest political strengths, with one of his biggest political weaknesses. During his campaign, McAuliffe made quite a bit of progress encouraging the development of green energy in Virginia, but at the same time was criticized because, despite all of his business ventures he never created a job here in the Commonwealth.

Aside from this grand effort to gain headlines, McAuliffe is doing a lot of behind the scenes political work with grassroots supporters. It is clear that he is making an effort to be sure that Virginians don’t forget about him. An example of that work is an e-mail that he sent today to his Richmond based supporters, asking them to join him for a drink at the downtown bar, LuLu’s. The invite is understated and simple, but it speaks volumes of his future goals.

Here is a look at the e-mail:

Dear xxxx,

Terry will be at Lulu’s in Richmond this evening – Monday, February 22. Please drop by at 8 PM if you would like to have a drink with him.

21 North 17th Street
Richmond, VA 23219

Thank you. We hope you can attend.


Written by Ryan Nobles

February 22, 2010 at 11:53 am

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