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Discrimination move only one part of a busy day at the Capitol

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It certainly dominated the headlines, but Governor Bob McDonnell‘s decision to extend an executive directive on statewide hiring practices was only one part of an incredibly busy day at the State Capitol.

With the General Assembly session winding down, a fury of bills are making their way to McDonnell’s desk.  Many of these issues are legislative priorities that the Governor advocated for either as a candidate or prior to the state of the legislative session.

The Governor, who often provides the press corp with a running tally of his legislative wins, would probably much rather being talking about some of these issues, than highly divisive fight over the state non-discrimination policy.

Among the big wins for the Governor today, approval for the state to begin the process of drilling offshore for oil and natural gas, and eventually turn a portion of that revenue into funds for transportation. McDonnell signed the bill into law today (pictured above, by the Governor’s photographer Michaele White). There are still a number of hurdles to go before early exploration even begins, but McDonnell touted the signing as a significant step forward. Andy Jenks covered this story for NBC12 Wednesday. You can see his full report here.

In addition to the drilling bill, McDonnell saw the passage of expansions to the death penalty, a rejection of a significant portion of the proposed Washington health care reform plan and approval to begin the process of expanding charter schools. We recapped them all Wednesday night on NBC12 news at 11. You can see our report below.


Written by Ryan Nobles

March 11, 2010 at 2:04 am

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