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Virginia formally files suit against the Federal Government

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As promised, the office of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli formally filed suit against the Federal Government over the Health Care Reform package.The paperwork was filed by Deputy Attorney General for Civil Litigation Wes Russell and the state solicitor general Duncan Getchell. They casually walked across the street to the Federal Courthouse with very little fanfare. They filed the suit just a few hours after President Barack Obama officially signed the package into law.

The paperwork is only 7 pages long. You can see it, in its’ entirety by clicking here.

And to get you up to speed, here are a few stories from yesterday on Virginia’s role in the national debate over health care reform.

First, Ken Cuccinelli’s constitutional argument.

Second, the Democrats claim that he is wasting time and money.

Tell us what you think. You can vote in our NBC12.com poll.

We will have much more on this critical stage in the Health Care Reform battle today at 5 and 6 on NBC12- TV.


Written by Ryan Nobles

March 23, 2010 at 3:14 pm

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  1. […] General Ken Cuccinelli filed the lawsuit not long after the historic bill was passed on the grounds that the feds cannot force Virginians to purchase […]

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