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Democrats call health care lawsuit a waste for taxpayers

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Virginia Democrats stepped up their attacks on Attorney Ken Cuccinelli‘s lawsuit against the federal government regarding health care. The Democratic Party of Virginia filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to get a list of the expenses the AG’s office is mounting in waging this legal battle.

Not surprisingly, the Attorney General is not jumping at the chance to comply. Cuccinelli said that all he is doing is “defending the constitution.” He said he has nothing to respond to, because all of the work that was done on the lawsuit was done inside the Attorney General’s office. He said his only response to the FOIA request was the $350 it cost to physically file the suit.

While Cuccinelli was defending the cost associated with the suit, Governor Bob McDonnell himself broke in and offered a unique perspective from his time as Attorney General. He said the Democrat’s claims were nothing more than a “complete straw man and hollow argument.” He said that he and Governor Tim Kaine worked together to file suit against the Bush Administration, and no Democrat, or Republican for that matter, ever voiced concern. 

“This is something Attorney’s General do on a regular basis,” said the Governor. “Democrat and Republican usually with the consent of their governors to discharge their constitutional duties.”

Here is an extended clip of the Governor’s remarks:

On the other side of the argument,  Democratic Senator Donald McEachin, an attorney himself and a former colleague of Cuccinelli pointed out that the lawsuits the Attorney General chooses to persue are relevant and that taxpayers deserve to know how much of their money is being spent.

“All a lawyer has to offer is his time,” said McEachin. “and those lawyers that are going to be working on this lawsuit which is what we pay them to do to work for the state of Virginia on a frivolous action.”

You can see an extended clip of McEachin’s remarks below:

The DPVA gave the Attorney General’s office a very specific list requesting the cost of the actions regarding this lawsuit. It appears that if they are serious about learning the information, they may need to go to court themselves.

See more: You can watch and read my story from NBC12 news at 6, by clicking here.


Written by Ryan Nobles

March 24, 2010 at 11:09 pm

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