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McDonnell wants Virginia part of offshore energy plan

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By: Ryan Nobles – bio | email

**UPDATE** The NY Times is reporting this morning that Virginia will be a part of the President’s plan for offshore drilling.

from the paper:

The first lease sale off the coast of Virginia could occur as early as next year in a triangular tract 50 miles off the coast that had already been approved for development but was held up by a court challenge and additional Interior Department review, officials said.

It seems Governor Bob McDonnell won’t have much to worry about.. see our report from Tuesday night.


President Barack Obama is set to unveil an updated plan for oil and natural gas drilling off the coast of the United States and Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell wants to make sure his state gets a piece of the action.  “My big concern is that Virginia, which is the only state that is set to go forward with leasing in 2011 stays on schedule and stays first.” said McDonnell. The Governor said he is getting “mixed signals” as to exactly what the President plans to announce on Wednesday and he would be “disappointed” if Obama’s plans don’t include the Commonwealth.

“The majority of the Virginia Congressional delegation is for it, both U.S. Senators are for it,” said the Governor Tuesday night. ” If we have an announcement that doesn’t included Virginia in 2011 as part of it, I’m going to be very disappointed in what the administration has done.”

Mister Obama will deliver a speech on Wednesday in which he will discuss energy security. Several reports indicate that he will include his plans for off-shore drilling.

McDonnell’s full comments can be seen below:


Written by Ryan Nobles

March 30, 2010 at 10:53 pm

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