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Warner raps Washington climate

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Sen. Mark Warner joined me today for a live interview on NBC12 First at 4. With Warner’s visit to our program, we have now had the pleasure of conducting live interviews with four of  Virginia’s five  statewide elected officials. (We still have to schedule Sen. Jim Webb)

Warner touched on a number of important topics during our discussion, including his work on financial regulatory reform, the federal stimulus plan and the climate in Washington. Warner told me that he is “frustrated” by the way Republicans and Democrats a fight over every single issue and seem unwilling to find common ground for the benefit of the country.

“It frustrates the heck out of me. There are days when I go, ‘this is crazy’,” Warner said. “There are days when I long for the days of the General assembly in Richmond, they look rational compared to what goes on in Washington.”

Warner often cites his work convincing Virginia Republicans to overhaul the state budget with him as one of his proudest accomplishments.  He is hopeful to bring that same level of bipartisan effort to his work on the financial systems.

Warner wasn’t afraid to take a few shots on some of the decisions his party and President Barack Obama have made. He said that the Government should “never bailout big banks ever again.” He gave only lukewarm support to the final health care plan saying that when the dust clears most people will see that it is “not as good or as bad as some of the folks had said”.  Finally, when it comes to spending Senator Warner said there is “hypocrisy on both sides”.

You can see my entire interview with Senator Mark Warner below:


Written by Ryan Nobles

April 23, 2010 at 9:50 pm

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