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McAuliffe claims McDonnell not doing enough to create jobs

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Terry McAuliffe, the former Chairman of the Democratic National Committee said that it is too early to start the talk about 2013. However,  Monday on NBC12 First at 4, the prominent Democrat built the case that Bob McDonnell is not focusing on the things important to Virginians. McAuliffe rapped McDonnell on his Confederate History Month proclamation and his decision to not extended sexual discrimination protections. He said that those type of stands detract from what Virginians need the most: new jobs.

“We’ve got to encourage businesses to move to Virginia,” said McAuliffe. “It’s very competitive today, let’s not put something in the way that doesn’t look like we are making are arms open for people to come to Virginia.”

McAuliffe also said that he and McDonnell’s budget priorities would’ve been sharply different. He said the push to open highway rest stops, was not as important teacher’s jobs. However, when pressed on his plan to close the budget gap without raising taxes, the Democrat said it would be difficult for him to say, because he “wasn’t in on final budget negotiations.”

You can see the entire interview from NBC12 First at 4 below:


Written by Ryan Nobles

April 27, 2010 at 7:45 am

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