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McDonnell gathers reform commission while Democrats attack Malek

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Governor Bob McDonnell will meet today for the first time with his bi-partisan Government Reform Commission. The effort was a key component during his campaign and has the potential to change the way state government operates in many ways.

The formation of this commission has not been easy for the Governor, in part because of his appointment of Fred Malek. Malek is a longtime Republican donor and activists and was asked by McDonnell to Chair the effort. Democrats have worked overtime to discredit Malek by recalling his role in the Nixon Administration, tracking Jewish people working in Government.

Malek has apologized for his actions during that time, but the Democrats attempts to dredge up the past have been aided by the revelation of old documents and audio recordings that have given a more in depth picture of just how involved he was.

You can see my report on Malek’s past from Thursday night on NBC12.com.

McDonnell has not wavered a bit on his support for Malek. His surrogates have argued that the coordinated attack on the businessman has more to do with his role in the American Action Network. The conservative political action committee has pledged $25 million to Republican candidates during the 2010 midterm elections.

We will be there today as the Commission gathers for the first time. I will have reports tonight on NBC12-TV and updates on Decision Virginia.


Written by Ryan Nobles

June 4, 2010 at 9:44 am

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