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Robinson handily wins special election

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Dr. Roxann Robinson has a new title, Delegate-elect. The Republican optometrist from Chesterfield easily defeated county Democratic party chairman Bill Brown, by capturing more than 70% of the vote in Tuesday’s special election.

Robinson outspent Brown by wide margins in the district that is traditionally Republican. Former Delegate Sam Nixon resigned the seat to become the head of VITA.

Democrats chose to not invest much in this race, despite some evidence that the district may be starting to lean to the left.  Democratic Party of Virginia Executive Director David Mills explained to the Washington Post why the party chose to push their candidate in the 26th District, which also had a special election tonight as well.  The Democrats ended up losing both races Tuesday night.

Here is the breakdown of the vote, including absentees via the Chesterfield County Government website:

House 27

William P. “Bill” Brown Roxann L. Robinson Write In
1295 3427 12

20 of 20 precincts reporting (includes absentee)

Pct Nbr Pct Name William P. “Bill” Brown Roxann L. Robinson Write In
201 Gates 52 146 0
202 Beulah 103 192 1
203 Bird 35 70 1
204 Jacobs 84 116 2
205 Falling_Creek 151 290 0
207 Chippenham 30 62 0
208 Meadowbrook 57 142 0
210 Five_Forks 78 200 1
212 St_Lukes 40 209 1
213 Southside 111 119 1
302 Deer_Run 28 65 0
307 Cosby 40 136 2
308 S_Manchester 13 84 0
316 Spring_Run 53 154 0
317 Birkdale 83 281 0
402 Genito 68 215 0
404 Providence 110 233 1
405 La_Prade 96 425 0
414 Crenshaw 42 111 0
701 Central_Absentee 21 177 2
702 Provisional_Votes 0 0 0
*Note- photo taken from roxannrobinson.com

Written by Ryan Nobles

June 15, 2010 at 9:13 pm

2 Responses

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  1. When a conservative electorally WAXES the floor with a Democrat- The reporting is predictabe: “well they outspent him” or “The Dems really didn’t support this one” But if a Democrat wins by a nose hair (voter fraud) the story says something like: “The voters have spoken”

    So- the other race which you imply that the Democrats DID support- they lost that one too..

    And what EXACTLY is the “evidence that this district is starting to lean left”? This is the most laughable item I’ve seen yet.


    June 16, 2010 at 12:42 pm

  2. So….

    The good Doctor Robinson opens a can of whupa$$ on the totally transparent Bill Brown, typical nose-in-the-air college professor / spendthrift / tax-at-any-cost / Obummer supporting radical leftist.

    To give you a brief but significant example…I wrote an email to Dr. Robinson asking about her views on education, and SHE ACTUALLY CALLED ME BACK, most willing to express her views for my voting club and myself.

    I am the spokesperson for a “voting club” comprised of 441 citizens, more than 220 of whom live and vote in Chesterfield County, VA. Upon informing my group of her responses, I am notified that 194 of us voted for the good Doctor.

    This club is just one of over 400 such “clubs” in the USA, where a spokesperson such as myself is appointed to contact certain candidates and ask pointed questions regarding one issue or another.

    We called and wrote email to Mr. Brown, no response whatsoever either by phone or email.

    Dr. Robinson did not respond via email, but when she saw our communication, she called me directly and offered to answer our questions. The conversation convinced me that she was the answer to our need for responsive, serious candidates for Public Office, far more so than the snooty Prof. Brown.

    She is the sort of officeholder we need, and as a result of her response I was later informed that at least 194 of our number cast votes for Dr. Brown.

    THIS is the way to get rid of the Democrat BUMS in office at this time, focus on a few candidates, give them (on both sides of the aisle) a chance to express themselves, and then show them that their future depends on their responses and their willingness to represent WE, THE PEOPLE…rather than themselves.

    Thank you Dr. Brown for running, and thank you all for your votes and support.


    AlexGeorge London

    June 17, 2010 at 9:50 am

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