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Leading up to job fair, Democrats call Cantor a hypocrite

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It has been two solid weeks of positive press for Rep. Eric Cantor ahead of his job fair which will put 90 local companies in front of hundreds of people looking for work.  Past job fairs hosted by Cantor have been very successful and in turn have led to positive media coverage for the Congressman.

Democrats have been sending subtle shots in the direction of the 2nd most powerful Republican in the House, walking a fine line of slamming him, but not attacking the idea.

Today they did not mince words. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee called Cantor’s work on the job fair “hypocritical”. They attacked him for going to Washington and fighting against stimulus funding and then hosting a job fair featuring companies that have benefited from the Recovery Act.

“It’s become a dangerous habit where Eric Cantor goes to Washington and fights against job creation and then goes to his district and claims credit for the jobs created,” said DCCC spokesman Jesse Ferguson.

Cantor has taken the high road and worked to make his job fair effort about one thing: jobs.

The question is, which message gets out to the people who elect him, and which message gets out to the power players inside the beltway?

The complete release from the Democratic Campaign Committee is after the jump:


Another Cantor Job Fair, Another Cantor Hypocrisy

Representative Eric Cantor continues his utter hypocrisy when he plans to once again take credit for jobs that he fought against creating during a job fair in his district tomorrow. His job fair features companies creating jobs with Recovery Act funding despite his vocal leadership in opposing those jobs. Cantor has been roundly criticized for past events featuring companies that are creating jobs thanks to the Recovery Act. Even Republican leaders have started criticizing Cantor’s hypocrisy where he opposes cuts to government spending yet loudly proclaims his public support.

“Here he goes again! Eric Cantor taking credit for jobs he fought against is happening so often it’s starting to look like his entire jobs plan for his district,” Jesse Ferguson, Southern Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “It’s become a dangerous habit where Eric Cantor goes to Washington and fights against job creation and then goes to his district and claims credit for the jobs created. Every attendee at this job fair should demand answers as to why Cantor supports devastating job-killing policies that send American jobs overseas and give Wall Street CEO’s free reign while holding a photo op about his commitment to creating jobs in his district.”

The following companies are highlighted in the jobs fair Cantor is hosting in his district on July 13th. The event features “more than 70 employers” – including a number of private companies that benefited from the Recovery Act as well as several federal government agencies.


Giant defense and national intelligence contractor Northrop Grumman Corp., Reston, Va., has been awarded a contract by the CMS to ‘design, develop, implement and maintain’ the software and database to keep track of electronic health-record subsidy payments made by the Medicare and Medicaid programs under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. [Modern Healthcare, 5/17/10]


Hampton Roads will receive $3.2 million to make existing homes and businesses more energy efficient, federal officials said Thursday. The money, part of the federal stimulus package, requires a $16 million match, said Randy Gilliland, chairman of Green Jobs Alliance, the Hampton-based organization that will administer the grant. Utility companies, such as Dominion Virginia Power and Virginia Natural Gas, agreed to participate in the effort, as have trade associations, Realtors and mortgage companies, said Gilliland, who is also a Hampton councilman. [Daily Press, 4/23/10]


When Home Depot reported its first comparable store sales growth in almost four years on Tuesday, plenty of investors wanted to see it as evidence that housing is back… So how did the big box retailer manage to beat expectations last quarter? Extenuating circumstances, including a lot of help from Uncle Sam. Home Depot got a backdoor bailout due to first-time homebuyers tax credit, which Congress extended through April of this year. With more Americans jumping to buy new homes before the program’s end, Home Depot sold more lumber, bathtubs, and light bulbs to outfit those homes. It also got a boost from the Cash For Appliances Rebate Program, which gave customers an added incentive to trade in their old appliances for new, energy-efficient replacements. [CNN, 5/20/10]


The University of Richmond has received several federal grants funded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA)… [University of Richmond]


Written by Ryan Nobles

July 12, 2010 at 9:48 pm

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