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Cuccinelli to cancel account with consulting company connected to Judge

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Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli will cancel his account with a political consulting company tied to Henry Hudson, the presiding Judge in the Justice Department’s motion to dismiss Virginia’s challenge to the Health Care Reform Act. Hudson is an investor in the company Campaign Solutions Inc. and Cuccinelli was a client of the company.

Leading up to the release of Judge Hudson’s decision, Democrats and supporters of the Health Care Bill pushed the connection between the two in an attempt to show that Hudson may not have been impartial in his ruling.

In an exclusive interview on NBC12 First at 4, Cuccinelli said that the connection is a minor one and had nothing to do with Hudson’s opinion.

“It’s pretty ridiculious,” said the Attorney General. “I’ve been in front of Judge Hudson for over 10 years as a state court judge and federal court judge, and I’ve had the rulings go for me and against me.”

Tuesday supporters of Health Care Reform turned up the heat on the Hudson-Cuccinelli connection. Americans United For Change, a group committed to seeing the law implemented called on Hudson to recuse himself from any further dealings with Virginia lawsuit.

“In a case that could have potentially sweeping national implications for the American people, Judge Hudson should address this appearance of conflict head on by immediately recusing himself,” said the group’s Executive Director Thomas McMahon in a prepared statement. “Anything less would cast a shadow of doubt over the objectivity and fairness of further proceedings.”

Cuccinelli called his affiliation with Campaign Solutions Inc. as “almost nothing” and said that now that they have learned of a possible conflict of interest they will cancel their account. He said that he believes the Democrat’s motivation is more political and less about a fair hearing in this case.

“They’re losing right now, so they need to change the tune,” he said. “They’re not saying the case is frivolous anymore. They can’t, because a federal court has a very well reasoned basis laid out why the federal complaints about our lawsuit were not meritorious.”

You can see our entire interview with the Attorney General below:

To see a transcript of the discussion, go to our main site NBC12.com.


Written by Ryan Nobles

August 3, 2010 at 5:21 pm

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