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Virginia leaders create united front against the Pentagon

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In this political climate it is rare to see politicians from both sides of the isle, teaming up to do anything. However the threat of losing 5,000 good paying government jobs is enough to bring even the biggest enemies together.

Governor Bob McDonnell led a chorus of Virginia leaders in protesting the Defense Department’s proposal to shut down Joint Forces Command Norfolk. (JFCOM) JFCOM employs 4,000 civilians and 1,000 service officers. The closure could have a major impact on the Hampton Roads Economy. It is a political football that ever Virginia leader has willingly caught and is hoping to advance.

It’s easy for Republicans like McDonnell, Rep. Randy Whittman and Rep. Randy Forbes. They have been unafraid to challenge the Obama administration and blame DOD for playing fast and loose with American security in a time of war. In a press conference on Monday Forbes said “What we’re witnessing is the piecemeal auctioning off of the greatest military the world has ever known.”

Democrats have been a little more delicate with their criticism, although Rep. Glenn Nye, who is in a tough re-election battle and Rep. Bobby Scott were not afraid to stand shoulder to shoulder with McDonnell as he voiced his disappointment in the proposal. It probably wasn’t easy for Nye and Scott to listen to Forbes claim that the Pentagon is slashing it’s budget in an effort to fund President Obama’s socialist agenda.

You can see my report on the proposed closing on NBC12.com.

*Note: The above photo is courtesy Chuck Thomas, Old Dominion University

Written by Ryan Nobles

August 9, 2010 at 11:12 pm

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