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Thursday on NBC12 First at 4: ABC privitization discussion

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Governor Bob McDonnell is set to make his pitch to Central Virginians that privatizing the state’s liquor stores is the way to go.  The Governor will hold his  “Virginia Speaks” Town Hall at the Cultural Center of India in Chester Thursday night.  It will be the third such meeting he has held across the state.

Earlier that day, we will welcome two experts with strong opinions on the ABC privatization plan to NBC12 First at 4.

Paul Goldman is a former aide to Virginia Governor Doug Wilder.  Goldman extensively studied the issue while working for Wilder during his time as Governor.  At one point Wilder opposed the idea, but has now come out in support of the plan. Goldman remains in the negative camp and will argue that point Thursday on First at 4.

Norman Leahy is a free market lobbyist, blogger and radio talk show host. Leahy often argues against government intervention in private business practices.  He has written a great deal about the ABC privatization issue on his blog Tertium Quids.  Leahy also served as analyst for NBC12 on election night 2009.

Leahy and Goldman will offer a plain-spoken, common sense arguments “for” and “against” the ABC plan. If you don’t understand the issue, are looking for more insight or would like some background before you head to the town hall meeting, you don’t want to miss this discussion.

NBC12 First at 4 airs live on NBC12-TV and 4pm. It is also streamed live on NBC12.com.


Written by Ryan Nobles

August 18, 2010 at 6:25 pm

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