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Cuccinelli’s craigslist crusade

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By: Ryan Nobles – bio | email

It’s not a fight he started, and he’s not the only one involved, but Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is talking tough about the website craigslist and in particular its “adult services” section.

The adult services section is a mostly unregulated online classified portal where almost anything goes. It’s not a problem as long as laws aren’t broken, something Cuccinelli and 16 other Attorneys General across the U.S. believe is happening. At the least, they believe prostitution is a major problem and at the worst they feel that it rises to the level of child and adult sex trafficking.

Back in 2008 this same group of Attorneys General (Bob McDonnell was representing Virginia) came into an agreement with craigslist to monitor this activity and help law enforcement track down people who were using the site to break the law. Two years later, the AG’s claim, nothing has been done.

You can read that agreement, in it’s entirety, by clicking here.

The question is, now that they are in agreement that craigslist has not lived up to their end of the bargain, what can they do? They have sent a letter demanding that the adult services section come down immediately. That however, doesn’t have any legal strings attached. Brian Gottstein a spokesman for Cuccinelli told me today that there are no specific plans beyond the letter at this point. He also said that if it rises to the level of legal action, sharing that strategy is something they don’t plan to do.

To learn more, read or watch my story on this topic at NBC12.com.

Meanwhile, have you ever wondered what you can find on craigslist’s adult services section, but you don’t want to pollute your computer?

I did the “dirty” work for you in my story for NBC12. (pun intended). You can see what the AG’s are talking about, by clicking here.


Written by Ryan Nobles

August 25, 2010 at 11:07 pm

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