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The President comes to Richmond

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It was a busy day covering Wednesday’s visit by the President of the United States to Richmond.

In case you missed any of our coverage here is a look back at all the stories filed today on NBC12.com

First, before the visit:

*Stratford Hills gears up for a presidential visit.

*(Video) My discussion on NBC12 News at Noon about why the President may have picked the Perry family to meet with one on one.

Second, the President arrives:

*The raw video, in its entirety of the President’s meeting with Richmonders.

Finally, reaction to the President’s visit:

*Tara Morgan talks to some of the hand picked people who got to meet and talk with President Obama.

*My report on the message the President was hoping to send and what Republicans thought about his visit.


Written by Ryan Nobles

September 29, 2010 at 11:24 pm

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105 year old Ashland woman gets front seat for Obama event

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For one local woman today’s visit by President Barack Obama was something she never thought she would see in her lifetime. And her lifetime is impressive.

Among the small group of 20 or so people that will get to hear and speak to the President will be Virginia Shelton, a 105 year old woman from Ashland.  Ms. Shelton told our Tara Morgan just a few minutes ago that from the moment Mr. Obama was elected that all she wanted was just one chance to meet him.

She will get that chance this afternoon.

Ms. Shelton has already had a little brush with the White House. First Lady Michelle Obama sent her a letter on her 105th birthday, which was September 8th.

Written by Ryan Nobles

September 29, 2010 at 3:00 pm

Obama to meet with Perry family during visit to Richmond

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President Barack Obama will meet today with the Perry family during his visit to Richmond.

Matt Perry and his wife Stephanie have two children. He is the president of the Southampton Community Recreation Association where the event is taking place. He is also the co-owner of Riverside Outfitters, a local company that provides recreation opportunities on the James River.

Perry has actually been a frequent contributor to NBC12 News. We have interviewed him for a number of stories that deal with everything from water levels on the James River, to how his business was given a boost by people choosing to stay close to home for their vacations.

A new schedule released by the White House this morning gives  a much more specific picture of how the President will spend his afternoon in the River City. It gives you an idea of how each second of the President’s time is accounted for:

Here is the rundown:

2:45 pm The President arrives Richmond, Virginia
Richmond International Airport

3:20 pm
The President meets with Richmond family (Matt & Stephanie Perry)
Richmond, Southampton Recreation Association, Virginia

3:35 pm
The President holds a discussion on the economy
Richmond, Southampton Recreation Association, Virginia

5:05 pm
The President departs Richmond, Virginia en route Andrews Air Force Base
Richmond International Airport

5:40 pm
The President arrives at Andrews Air Force Base
Andrews Air Force Base

5:55 pm
The President arrives at the White House
South Lawn

Written by Ryan Nobles

September 29, 2010 at 11:08 am