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Krystal Ball’s national media swing on hold (updated)

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Krystal Ball, the Democratic nominee for congress in Virginia’s 1st district, may not be appearing on national news outlets as once thought. Ball and her campaign had said that she had received requests to be interviewed on programs like NBC’s Today Show, MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show” and Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show”.   The outlets were interested in speaking to Ball about her reaction to a series of suggestive photos of her that were posted on a number of political blogs earlier this week.

Ball told me herself during our interview Tuesday night that she was planning a trip to New York to appear on the Today Show to discuss the issue. This morning her campaign said that they were in contact with NBC, but no firm date has been set.

Danny Barefoot, Ball’s Campaign Manager told me in an e-mail that “Krystal hasn’t decided if she is going to do any national media yet. She is weighing whether it will be framed in a way that supports young women running for office.”

Ball was interviewed yesterday by the website Politico in a light-hearted video blog post that focused mostly on her unique name. The topic of the photos was not brought up at all. Politico followed up with a separate story addressing a statement Ball released regarding the photos, reiterating her claim that the photos being posted was “sexist”.

**UPDATE** ((Friday 1pm))

Krystal Ball will appear Friday at 4pm on MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan Show. It will be her first interview on the subject since our discussion Tuesday evening.

The photo flap did get the attention of the Washington Post and their politics editor Chris Cillizza. The Post blog “44” wrote a story on the photo’s release and Cillizza gave Ball credit for her handling of the situation in his video blog “The Fast Fix“.  “Krystal Ball Photos” is also listed as a hot topic on the Post Politics web site.

Still no word if the candidate will make an appearance on the Today Show as she had initially planned to do.


Written by Ryan Nobles

October 7, 2010 at 3:07 pm

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  1. Right now, we are really missing Scott Robinson, the man who should have had the nomination.

    We should not be surprised by the photos of Krystal Ball, nor should we be shocked that the sleazebags on the the other side used them.

    During the lull after the midterms, perhaps a summit, or some sort of meeting, can be held to help promote a higher standard of ethics and campaign practices by the two major parties.

    These photos that were published on the web, serve to demean our entire political process, in addition to sullying the reputation of a rather arrogant, yet talented, young candidate.

    If we expect to attract high caliber citizens to serve in elected office, we simply have to reel-in these campaign “rented strangers” who have shown, over and over again, that they will stoop to any depth to smear an opponent.

    Perhaps the Sorensen Institute at UVA can host a meeting on campaign standards and ethics during the off season?

    J. Tyler Ballance

    October 7, 2010 at 10:52 pm

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