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Dick Morris eyes Cantor for Speaker

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At one time, Dick Morris was one of the most trusted advisors of President Bill Clinton.  Now, an author and political commentator Morris has become a sought after speaker at Tea Parties across the country.  A far cry from his days advising a Democrat in the White House.

Morris, who famously hatched the strategy of moving Clinton to the middle, has now gone on the attack against the liberal elements of his party and as a result has become a favorite of Republicans and in particular the reform minded Tea Party crowd. His sharp tongue and grasp of the issues offer the perfect combination of red meat enthusiasm for conventions like the one held in Richmond last weekend .  

While Morris delivered exactly what Tea Party organizers were hoping for, he also made the rounds offering his sage political advice to reporters milling about the convention. He predicted huge gains for the Republicans in November and blamed GOP advances squarely at the feet of what he called the “failed policies” of the Obama Administration. He also offered me a very quick, but telling analysis of local Congressman Eric Cantor‘s future.

Make no mistake, Rep. Cantor has said a number of times that he has no interest in side-stepping Rep. John Boehner to become the next Speaker of the House if the Republicans gain enough seats to take back the majority. But despite Cantor’s persistent pledge to support Boehner (A pledge he made on NBC12 First at 4), rumors still abound that Cantor could be lining up to challenge Boehner for the spot that is third in line to the presidency.

When asked if Eric Cantor will ever be Speaker of the House, this is what Dick Morris had to say:

“Sooner rather than later”.  We will have to see in the next several weeks if that is just conjecture or if Morris knows something we do not.


Written by Ryan Nobles

October 10, 2010 at 9:21 pm

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  1. Doesn’t anybody get it? Palin and Morris are in it for the money…typical conservatives

    Ruben D. Gonzalez

    October 24, 2010 at 5:24 pm

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