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Rick Waugh won’t commit on Pelosi as Speaker

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Rick Waugh is the Democratic nominee facing one of the most powerful people in Congress in this fall’s election. If Waugh is able to topple Eric Cantor, it would mean that his party was able to hold on to the House of Representatives. Given that scenario, Waugh could not say if he would vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House.

“I’ve never met Nancy Pelosi so I can’t answer that question,” said Waugh during an interview on NBC12 First at 4.

It’s not a surprise that Waugh didn’t feel comfortable pledging his support to Pelosi. Not only is her approval rating poor, especially in Republican leaning districts, but the Speaker has not been inclined to offer the Waugh campaign much support.  Waugh has not received a cent from Democratic leaders in Washington. The vast majority of his $87 thousand in campaign donations have come from individual contributors.  A tough fight to wage when your opponent is the 2nd most powerful Republican in the House and has taken in more than $5 million in campaign contributions.  (As of the latest filing, Waugh has a little more than $2 thousand left to spend, Cantor more than $1 million)

But according to Waugh, the way campaigns are financed is part of the problem. His signs all over the district cry “end corporate welfare”. The candidate believes donations from corporations are a major part of the culture of corruption in Washington.

“They pander the votes towards those corporations,”  said Waugh.  ” I think what we need to do is we need to end the corporate influence on politicians as one of the reasons why we need campaign finance reform.”

Based on his answers it doesn’t appear that Waugh would’ve strayed much from the Democratic base were he already in Congress. He made the case for the federal mandate to buy health insurance, by comparing it to state law that requires car owners to have insurance while on the road. He also believes, despite his desire to rid the corporate influence in Washington, that the intent of the stimulus plan was the right one.

“I think we do need to invest in America,” said Waugh. “We need to make sure we’re doing all we can to provide incentives to create jobs.”

You can see the complete interview with Rick Waugh below. The transcript from our discussion can be found on NBC12.com.

Waugh’s two opponents in the 7th district will appear on First at 4 as well. Independent Floyd Bayne will appear on Oct. 21st. Republican Eric Cantor on November 1st.


Written by Ryan Nobles

October 18, 2010 at 6:01 pm

2 Responses

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  1. Cantor is out of touch with reality and his District. He thinks that it is HIS District and he can do whatever he wants to do so he crisscrosses the country flying, wining sli…ck, elitist, Gucci wearing, electric Toyota Prius driving, Washington insider who has been in D.C., for far too long, dining, picking up checks and then distributing them to other Republican politicians who too long who has been bought, sold and paid for my special interest groups. His constituents are his DONORS and they know where he stands- He stands for whatever his benefactors want him to stand for… Whenever I run into a Cantor supporter and ask them for one single thing he has done after the first 10 years they can’t do it! Try it yourself!!

    Cantor has a good thing going for him. He raises millions of dollars and disburses them to other Republican candidates around the nation to curry favor and to keep them dependent on him, so that they fall into line like a bunch of sheep. Who gives him all that money?? Tobacco, Corporations, Israeli Lobbyists, Banks and Financial Institutions such as Goldman Sachs that receive TARP bailouts and other forms of corporate welfare. What do the people of his District get?? For-show job fairs with no actual jobs, trillions of dollars in debt, wars in the middle east, millions and millions of dollars in support for Israel, yet he refuses to even debate other candidates because he is content to let his record talk for itself.
    Well his record reflects:
    • being on the wrong side of virtually every vote in the last 10 years.
    • him being a lapdog for the Bush-Cheney administration which took us from a budget surplus to trillions of dollars in debt after 8 years of free spending, giving away our money and kids futures.
    • his wealth increasing from over 1 million dollars to over 7 million dollars.
    • record setting corporate salaries and bonuses and the creation of ZERO jobs.
    • millions of record foreclosures (He has a real estate Masters degree in Real Estate from Columbia University).
    • voting for TARP which bailed out his wife’s employer
    • he would rather write a book and promote it and advance his personal interests and agenda than try to assist his constituents during the worse economic crisis since the great depression.
    • voting to kill 2 of middle class America’s largest employers and a source of national pride (GM and Chrysler).
    • Refusing to use his leadership position to aid unemployed and jobless Americans while supporting outsourcing of those same lost jobs.
    • Voting against any healthcare reform and allowing his constituents and Americans to go bankrupt because of health care costs.

    Find out more at NOCANTOR.COM. This November vote for Rick Waugh!! Vote for America! Vote against the Corporate Tool!!! Just don’t vote for 10 years of failure, incompetence, personal advancement and flip flopping arrogance. advancement, and flip flopping arrogance. advancement, and flip flopping arrogance.

    Broke in Brandermill

    October 19, 2010 at 11:58 am

  2. […] D- Rick Waugh R- Eric Cantor* I- Floyd […]

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