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Bayne represents Cantor’s problem with the Tea Party

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If he were to pull it off, it would be an upset of epic proportions. And despite all conventional wisdom, Independent candidate Floyd Bayne believes he can do make it happen.

He truly believes he can beat Eric Cantor.

“My goal is to win,” said Bayne in an interview on NBC12 First at 4.

While many Tea Pary candidates, like Bayne have run to prove a point, or to get a platform to spread their message, Bayne believes that there is a path to his victory. Despite being dramatically underfunded he is going into November with suprising confidence.

“65% of the voters in this district are conservative/Republican. It’s been gerrymandered to be that way,” said Bayne. “So then it comes down to do you want a Republican or do you want a conservative? And Mr. Cantor’s not a conservative.”

While Cantor and Tea Party people like Bayne share a common disdain for the Obama administration, the powerful incumbent is not beloved by the insurgent movement. Even though Cantor is poised to become one of the most powerful people in the Federal Government, he doesn’t enjoy rock star support among Tea Party activists like Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.  Cantor was noticeably absent at the Virginia Tea Party Convention, an event that featured Cuccinelli, Governor Bob McDonnell and former Senator George Allen.

 Floyd Bayne aims to make sure that message is sent and even if he doesn’t win, he is hoping that his candidacy will put establishment Republicans like Cantor on notice.

“They’re not listening, they’re more interested in what the party hierarchy wants than they are in what the people want,”  he said.  “They’re more interested in advancing their own personal careers than they are in adhering to the constitution.”

Eric Cantor will appear on NBC12 First at 4 on Monday November 1st.

Our entire interview with Floyd Bayne can be seen below. The transcript can be found at NBC12.com.


Written by Ryan Nobles

October 22, 2010 at 6:14 pm

3 Responses

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  1. Vote the incumbents OUT. All incumbents must go to aid in breaking the monopoly the political party LEADERS over OUR representatives. Our political party system has been corrupted. IN order to do the work to clean our house (our courts, our media, our constitutional government) only those loyal to the People and the principles that our nation was founded upon will make the essential changes to ensure a free republic is handed over to our children. More and more patriots REFUSE to watch the garbage and propaganda on television news – this means less money needed to win a campaign (internet vs. television). There is a huge pool of dissatisfied conservatives in District 7. Mr. Cantor does not have the support of the People he has the support of his political party and the big money folks who give him money to run. The political party cannot vote, and the vote of those who give money only have vote (we hope). If we want to see Virginia set an example in terms of state sovereignty, the 10th amendment and nullification we must vote on principle not along party lines.

    Anna Yeisley

    October 25, 2010 at 1:37 pm

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