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Scott emphatically supports ending Bush tax cuts

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It is a controversial position, even with some Democrats, but Rep. Bobby Scott is not afraid to give his opinion.

“The tax cuts put us in the ditch,” said Scott during an interview on NBC12 First at 4.

The Congressman supports a full expiration of the Bush tax cuts, even those that would go to middle class earners. President Barack Obama and many leading Democrats in Congress have pushed for an extension for people earning $250,000 or less.  Scott doesn’t agree, he believes that if the tax cuts wouldn’t have been passed in the first place, everyone would be much better off.

“(We would’ve had) no borrowing from Japan or Saudi Arabia or China, pay off the national debt after the reckless tax cuts that we couldn’t afford,” he said. He then went on to attack other Republican policies that made the problem worse.  “A prescription drug bill that wasn’t paid for, two wars, we’re in the ditch. We have tough choices to make.”

Scott, who represents a relatively comfortable Democratic district was not afraid to challenge Republicans who are running to reform the process in Washington.

“What’s the alternative?” he said. “What we have is the Republicans say we have a big deficit, let’s cut taxes. That is not a solution to the deficit.”

Scott’s solution is a simple one. A solution he knows is not popular, but he believes will cut the budget deficit before the next midterm election.

“Let the tax cuts expire. While we’re in a recession, use the money to create jobs. You can be in balance and close to balance in four years.”

You can see our entire interview with Bobby Scott below. A full transcript is available at NBC12.com.


Written by Ryan Nobles

October 25, 2010 at 5:45 pm

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